Allows usage of an Adagio application while owning only a single version of that same application (or multiple usages per application with multiple Lanpak units)


Each Adagio module includes a single Lanpak unit for that module. If more than one workstation needs to use the Adagio modules at the same time, or if that same workstation wants to use multiple copies of that Adagio module at the same time, an additional Lanpak unit is required for each extra simultaneous use of each Adagio module.

Either contact your dealer or complete the form below. It will help you determine how many Lanpak units you will need.

Lanpaks are sold in quantities of 2, 5 ,10, and 20.

Third-party products from Adagio Developer Partners may use Adagio Lanpaks. If you have any of these products, please include them in the "Other" fields in the Lanpak Calculation form below.

Lanpak Calculator

To determine the maximum number of additional Adagio Lanpak units, please enter the maximum number of copies you will need for each Adagio module, considering both the number of users you have as well as the possibility of users opening multiple copies of modules.

Adagio Module Max Usage
  Adagio BankRec
  Adagio Checks
  Adagio Console
  Adagio DataCare
  Adagio ePrint
  Adagio FX
  Adagio GridView
  Adagio Inventory
  Adagio Invoices
  Adagio JobCost
  Adagio Ledger
  Adagio MultiCurrency
  Adagio ODBC
  Adagio OrderEntry
  Adagio Payables
  Adagio PrintTool
  Adagio PurchaseOrders
  Adagio Receivables
  Adagio SalesAnalysis
  Adagio SalesCQ
  Adagio Time&Billing
  Other (third-party product)
  Other (third-party product)
  Other (third-party product)

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