Product Upgrades

All available upgrades for Adagio accounting modules

Upgrades for modules on an Upgrades Plan or Support&Upgrades Plan are provided at no additional cost, refer to your emailed upgrade notice; if you do not have an upgrade notice, contact Softrak Customer Service at

Passwords and Install Codes:

Important! The password and install codes for these upgrades have been emailed to users who have the specific product on a current Upgrades Plan or a Support & Upgrades Plan. If you do not have a copy of the Upgrade email for your product and it is on a plan, contact Softrak Customer Service at

Check for Compatibility First:

Prior to installing any Upgrade, we recommend you contact your accounting/software consultant to ensure that there will be no issues with the installation or compatibility with other software modules. The Upgrade is provided at no additional charge to users on a plan, but your dealer may charge for their time and expertise. You should also check the Release Notes.

Upgrade Requires Earlier Version:

If you do not have an earlier version installed, when you install the upgrade, after entering the upgrade serial number and install code (from your upgrade email), you must enter the serial number and install code from any previous version.

Downloading & Installing:

  • To download, click the download link for the appropriate product below.
  • Run the EXE program you downloaded from the directory where you downloaded it.
  • You will be asked for the password, which was included in the Upgrade notification email from Softrak and is also available from your dealer. (Dealers: Passwords are in your client upgrade spreadsheet) If you do not have a dealer, you can contact Softrak Customer Service at to request one.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • To display the Readme help for further information, click the View button.
  • Context sensitive help is available in all Adagio modules by pressing the F1 key or the Help button.
  • If you do not have a dealer, you can contact Softrak Customer Service at to request one.
  • Upgrades include the latest Service Pack (if any).


  • Technical support may be provided by your dealer or consultant.
  • Users on an Upgrades Plan or a Support & Upgrades Plan can post questions on the Softrak Technical Support Forum.
  • Users on a Support & Upgrades Plan may also get support from Softrak by phone, fax, or email.


Resellers: log in to view passwords
  Adagio BankRec (2) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio BoM (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio CatchWeights (2) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio ChartView (2) Latest version: 9.2B
  Adagio Cloud (1) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio Console (2) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio DataCare (2) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio DocStore (1) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio EFT (5) Latest version: 9.3C
  Adagio ePrint (1) Latest version: 9.2A
  Adagio FX (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio GridView (4) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio GridView-RW (4) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio Inventory (2) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio Invoices (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio JobCost (1) Latest version: 9.2A
  Adagio Lanpak (4) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio Ledger (4) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio MultiCurrency (2) Latest version: 9.2B
  Adagio ODBC (1) Latest version: 9.2A
  Adagio ODBC-RW (1) Latest version: 9.2A
  Adagio OrderEntry (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio Payables (5) Latest version: 9.3C
  Adagio Payments (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio PurchaseOrders (4) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio Receivables (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio RMA (3) Latest version: 9.3B
  Adagio SalesAnalysis (2) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio SalesCQ (3) Latest version: 9.3A
  Adagio Time&Billing (1) Latest version: 9.2A