Adagio RMA Change log

Adagio RMA
9.3A | 2017-12-06 (Dec '17)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Compatible with OrderEntry 9.3A.

    ·    The Print RMAs function allows you to select and send/print to multiple Send Methods (Printer, PDF, Email) simultaneously.

    ·    The Print RMA function allows you to select and sort by ranges of RMA Number, Salesperson, Customer Report Group, Order Location, Territory and Customer Number.

    ·    The Print RMA function allows you to select by floating date ranges based on the Document Date, including: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Last Week/Month, This Week/Month, Next Week/Month, Last N Days and Next N Days.

    ·    Multi-select is enabled for RMA grids in the Enter Order/Invoice/Credit Note grids and View History functions for printing (including emailing and faxing) or deleting documents.

    ·    New Automation File command ‘Print RMAs’ available to Adagio Console users to print RMAs using Favorites.

    ·    Notes have been added to RMAs.

    ·    RMAs can now be deleted.

    ·    Added specification code ‘E70 RMA Expiry date’ in the designer. It prints the RMA date + ‘RMA Expiries after days’ set in the Company Profile. Added in OrderEntry 9.2A (2016.07.07) and 9.3A.

Adagio RMA
9.2A | 2016-01-12 (Jan '16)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Initial release of Adagio RMA add-on. Adagio RMA allows you to enter, print/email and track Return Merchandise Authorizations in Adagio OrderEntry, then create a credit note when returned goods are received.

    ·    Adds RMA Return Codes to OrderEntry.

    ·    Adds an RMA Listing report and the Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes report includes an RMAs option.

    ·    Quantities on RMA are tracked in Adagio Inventory by Location. The field ‘Qty. on RMA’ has been added to Quantities tab in the item.

    ·    Adds option in Security Groups to allow creating RMAs.

    ·    Adds ‘Default posting to RMA’ option to the Company Profile. Controls whether posting an RMA defaults to posting as an RMA or a credit note.

    ·    Adds ‘RMA Expires after n days’ option to the Company Profile. Provides a default for RMA creation. When the number of days has been exceeded and the goods have not been returned, the RMA will be flagged as expired and the ‘Qty. on RMA’ decremented in the item.

    ·    Adds ‘RMA Location defaults’ option to the Company Profile. Specifies the default Location for returned goods.

    ·    Adds these new specification codes:
       E63 RMA number
       E64 Last print date RMA
       E65 Last print time RMA
       E66 Last print user RMA
       E67 RMA Count
       E68 RMA reason code
       E69 RMA reason description
    Note: Use E09 for the Expected Return date for RMAs.