Adagio Payments Change log

Adagio Payments
9.3A | 2018-06-24 (Jun '18)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Initial release of Adagio Payments.

    ·    Compatible with Adagio Receivables 9.3A.

    ·    Compatible with Adagio Invoices 9.3A.

    ·    Online payment processing and PAD functionality is automatically enabled in the Not For Resale (NFR) versions of Receivables and Invoices.

    Online Payment Processing

    ·    Supports online payment processing (credit cards) using North American Payment Solutions.

    Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD)

    ·    Uses the Payments Canada (formerly Canadian Payments Association) Standard 005 for the Exchange of Financial Data on Automated Funds Transfer (ATF) Files (supported by most credit unions and banks in Canada).

    ·    PAD is only available in Canada.

    ·    PAD was previously available as a custom modification only. It is now available as an Adagio add-on product.

    ·    PAD is activated on the System Options tab in the Company Profile of Adagio Invoices.

    Features added to Adagio Receivables

    ·    Online Credit Card payments can be taken in invoice and cash batches.

    ·    A list of Credit Cards has been added on the Accounting tab in the Edit/View Customer functions.

    ·    A credit card can be specified by Ship To address.

    ·    Recurring Charges supports On-line Credit Card processing. (Note: Recurring Charges do not support PAD. Only Adagio Invoices supports PAD.)

    ·    Online Credit Card payments for invoice batches created by Recurring Charges are not pre-authorized. Invoices with credit card payments that cannot be processed will be written to an error batch. Note: Online Credit Card payments for Recurring Charges are always payment in full.  Partial payments cannot be made.

    ·    Added new specification codes for Credit Card Processing for use when you have Adagio Payments:
       D43, CC Short name
       D44, Expiry date
       D45, Vault ID
       D46, CC Trans Id
       D47, CC Authorization

    ·    Credit Card related fields have been added to Invoices and Cash import and export templates.

    ·    A ‘Pre-auth. debits?’ option is added to the Accounting tab in the customer. PAD fields ‘Branch no.’, Institution no.’ and ‘Account no.’ are added to the Invoices tab in the customer.

    ·    PAD fields have been added to the Customer List and Statistics report.

    ·    Added options ‘Edit Credit Cards’ and ‘Edit/View PAD fields’ to Security Groups.

    Features added to Adagio Invoices

    ·    Online Credit Card payments can be taken on invoices.

    ·    Pre-Authorized Debit functionality is activated on the System Options tab of Company Profile in the Adagio Invoices. The ‘PAD’ or ‘PAD/PDF’ tab appears, containing several PAD related fields that must be filled out.

    ·    A Pre-Authorized Debit can be processed by enabling the ‘PAD’ option on the Payments tab on invoices in current and archive batches. Restore an archived batch to process PAD invoices. Posting an invoice batch generates a PAD file for upload to your bank or credit union.

    ·    The Invoice Posting Journal and History Invoice Listing reports indicate PAD invoices. The History Invoice Listing has a new option to print ‘PAD related invoices only’.