Adagio DocStore Change log

Adagio DocStore
9.3A | 2017-12-15 (Dec '17)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Adagio DocStore provides enabling and viewing functionality for PDFs in applicable Adagio 9.3A modules. DocStore is modelled on a typical accounting office. PDF's can be attached to Master Records (Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, and Payables Banks). They can also be attached to transactions (Invoices, Cash Receipts, Orders, Credit Notes, etc.) and will \\\"flow\\\" through Adagio as the batches are posted. Documents can also be attached to posted transactions so that records can be updated after they are posted.

    ·    Adagio DocStore replaces the Adagio ePrint module.

    ·    Adagio versions prior to 9.3A continue to support ePrint functionality when DocStore is installed. These modules will continue to create PDF documents in the SoftPDF folder. Adagio 9.3A modules create PDF documents in the DocStorage folder instead. DocStore has 2 document viewers – one for PDF documents in DocStore and one for documents in SoftPDF (including reports printed to PDF). The ‘Process SoftPDF to DocStore’ function under the Maintenance menu copies documents created by pre-9.3A version from SoftPDF to DocStorage to allow them to be viewed with the DocStore viewer and from transactions in 9.3A modules.

    ·    The Adagio Login dialog permits browsing to a UNC. The Create database button is hidden unless “/C” is included on the command line. New databases are created with the extension “ADB” or the extension used by existing modules in the selected Folder.