New features by version in Adagio Inventory

Adagio Inventory 9.3A 2021-05-26 (May. 26, 21)

    ·    Adds 9.3A features including enhanced backup options, improved Column Editor field selection, launch of 64-bit GridView and automatic refresh of Sample Data. Compatible with Adagio DocStore so documents can be attached to transactions and flow to other modules for review. Documents attached in Inventory are filed by Transaction Type (Receipt, Shipment, Transfer, Assembly or Adjustment).

    ·    Barcodes are fully supported, with barcode entry available wherever an item code is requested. Barcodes can include a different Unit of Measure or Item Description if desired. Multiple barcodes may point to a single item. Barcodes can be imported and exported.

    ·    Editing Alternate Price List items has been improved by allowing display of only a single price list.

    ·    Reason Codes have been added to all transaction entry dialogs and are stored in the transaction history file for further analysis.

    ·    Transaction level Optional Fields have been added to record additional site specific information at the transaction level.

    ·    Multi-user entry is available for all transaction types. Transactions can be reviewed, edited and printed prior to posting. Multi-select is available when choosing transactions to post, delete or print. User date/time stamps are now recorded on all transactions. Posting Journals are not purged until year end.

    ·    ExcelDirectPrint is available for the Stock Card Report so Item movement can be easily sent to Excel for analysis.

    ·    Item Assemblies can now be imported, allowing BoM lists to be maintained externally.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.2A | 2018-05-12 (May. 12, 18)

    ·    Adagio module toolbar allows one click launch of an Adagio module.

    ·    Reports have been converted to Crystal Reports 2013, improving the export to Excel.

    ·    The performance of several reports has been significantly improved.

    ·    Grids may be "banded" with a User Selectable color and banding frequency.

    ·    Edit grids display the total number of records, as well as a count of the displayed records when a Filter is active.

    ·    Logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView.

    ·    Supports Payables 9.2A function-specific vendor alerts for Receipts entry.

    ·    Supports JobCost Job and Estimate styles in finders. Job Descriptions can be shown in Estimates finders.