New features by version in Adagio Payables

Adagio Payables 9.3A 2019-05-13 (May. 13, 19)

9.3A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.3A!

    · Compatible with future release of Adagio DocStore.

    · The Adagio Login dialog permits browsing to a UNC. The Create database button is hidden unless “/C” is included on the command line. New databases are created with the extension “ADB” or the extension used by existing modules in the selected Folder.

    · A “Backup” button has been added to the Adagio Toolbar. Backup Options select whether the button saves the module data, related data or the entire database and whether exclusive access is required for the backup to proceed. The backup now includes the Automation Batch Folder.

    · Backup options enable automatic or prompted backups prior to performing any critical function such as batch posting or period end functions. You can choose the number of backups that will be saved.

    · Only a single instance of Calculator will be launched when the Calculator button is clicked.

    · User preferences have been added to control the behaviour of double clicking in a Dialog field. You can also choose to apply banding to those grids that do not display Styles and choose a date format to use in the Adagio GridTelephone numbers are now formatted in the Grid according to the Company profile option.

    · Installs \Softrak\System\AdagioLauncher.EXE and associates the application with “ADB”, “SAM” and “AMC” extensions. AdagioLauncher will automatically launch the correct Adagio module if an Adagio file is double clicked in a Folder. The user will be prompted to log in.

    · Leave the GL Account/Department fields blank in a Distribution Set to save from having a Distribution Set for each expense Acct/Dept pair used.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.3B | 2020-03-21 (Mar. 21, 20)

    ·        System Check Processing has been reorganized to allow multiple concurrent check runs with security to define particular tasks allowed to be run by specified users by security group. The Payments tab now has a second grid to display a vendor summary of generated payments, which can be used to assign payments to all invoices for selected vendors, and sort payments by vendor name or amount.

    ·        System Check Runs now support an optional Approval process that must be completed before Printing or EFT and Posting can begin.

    ·        System and Manual Check processing can now be Parked (paused) after checks have been printed or EFT payments generated, and later Resumed, to allow determining success or failure without having to leave a screen open and potentially blocking other users out of function access.

    ·        A new System Check Run Inquiry function allows viewing summary payment amounts from check runs in the current or previous fiscal years. Pre-check Register or Check Register reports can be printed from here, as can a new System Check Status Report. Reprint or email Additional Forms for all or selected vendors.

    ·        Additional Forms can now be printed, emailed, or faxed in conjunction with a Preferred Advice Send Method for vendors.

    ·        Printing checks or generating EFT payments now allows sorting by methods other than vendor number (such as Name, Report Group or Payment Amount) and are remembered for the next check print.

    ·        An Autosave batch entries process has been added for maintaining an Autosave file that, if found, can be optionally used to restore the batch when saved entries do not match what is expected.

    ·        The Auto Add Entry option has been added to User Preferences for opening a new batch entry screen immediately after saving another entry.

    ·        The Check Number Audit List report can now be printed and purged for specific dates or check runs or the most recent check run for printing or EFT.

    ·        Report sets can now be emailed to selected recipients when Adagio DocStore is integrated, with PDF or Excel file attachments for each report. Integration to Adagio Console 9.3A also supports emailing report sets through automation by attaching report PDFs to the automation log email.

    ·        New Vendor fields have been added for Contact and Email addresses for Advice, Payee and PO recipients. Import Vendors supports adding this new information. All email addresses can now be used for finding vendors, either from the vendor list or within transaction entry.

Version 9.2B | 2016-12-08 (Dec. 8, 16)

    ·    The total amount of payments in open manual check batches applied to posted invoice transactions is used to calculate the actual Remaining Amount for the invoice. This helps prevent duplicate payments or over payment of invoices.

    ·    An Accounting Date can be included on batch entries so that transactions can be retrieved into GL for a different period.

    ·    Batch Entry Templates have been added. Templates allow you speed up entry and eliminate confusion caused by fields you do not use. Prevent users from printing checks and deleting entries or batches while permitting them to create and edit entries.

    ·    A ‘Ready to post’ status has been added for batches.

    ·    Optional fields have been added to batch entry are posted to the transaction file.

    ·    Statistical Units can be entered in batches and will be posted through to Ledger.

    ·    Batch entries can be sorted.

    ·    A table of invoices in open batches is used to help prevent entering duplicate invoices.

    ·    Total amount and number of invoices in open batches by vendor can be displayed on vendor grids, used in Filters, views and custom reports.

    ·    Supports multiple EFT providers.

    ·    Archive Invoices and Manual Check Batches with full batch edit in the Archive system.

    ·    Batch Inquiry includes the ability to print Batch Listings (open and posted), print Posting Journals and Recover posted batches.

    ·    Tax can be calculated automatically on amounts entered in invoice batches.

    ·    You can recover a percentage of tax to multiple expense accounts on invoices.

    ·    Batch types can have color on their forms.

    ·    Print Aged Open Payables, Aged Overdue Payables and Vendor Transactions reports to Excel using ExcelDirect.

Version 9.2A | 2016-05-24 (May. 24, 16)
9.2A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.2A! Video demonstration of 9.2A

    ·    You can now find vendors by Document Number.

    ·    Vendors now have aging buckets on the Transactions tab.

    ·    You can Find documents on the Vendor transactions grid.

    ·    Vendor address fields are formatted, including dedicated fields for City, State/Prov and Country.

    ·    The vendor master record has many new fields and fields have been made larger.

    ·    Vendor current and history transactions are now located in a single file.

    ·    Vendor transactions can be sorted by Date. In previous versions transactions were always sorted by Type/Doc No. Transactions can be sorted ascending or descending.

    ·    Vendors can now have multiple alerts by function / modules.

    ·    Edit Control Account Sets, change vendor Account Set or edit Banks without purging posting journals.

    ·    An incrementing Document Number can be auto-generated for invoice batch entries.

    ·    The auto-assigned document number now includes the year to avoid duplicates with previous years.

    ·    To speed entry, the Distribution field is hidden on the invoice batch detail screen if there are no Distributions on file.

    ·    Adagio JobCost users can now control the information sent to the Reference and Description fields batches sent to JobCost.

    ·    Added option to print one check per invoice for a vendor.

    ·    You can now add Vendor Name and other fields from the vendor to the batch grids.

    ·    You can now add Vendor Name and other fields to the grid to the Payments grid in System Checks.

    ·    Added Aged Open Payables report. It can be aged by document or due date and can be calculated as of a prior date. Applied Details can be included.

    ·    Print Aged Overdue Payables and Aged Open Payables reports for a period earlier than the last Period End.

    ·    Batch Listings can print a General Ledger Distribution Summary.

    ·    Adagio Payables’ standard reports are now created using Crystal Reports 2013.

    ·    Added Delete Inactive Vendors function.