Adagio Consultants Academy

Hands-on or lecture style for Adagio dealers

Adagio Consultants Academy provides Softrak's dealers with product training and implementation best practices. It is designed to help new dealers get up to speed quickly and deliver to quality standards that result in happy customers.

Presented as either 3 or 5 day training courses, you will learn most of what you need to know to sell and install Adagio. Starting with a technical session and moving to the common features that are unique to Adagio, we have a jam packed Agenda being delivered by Warren Flett and members of our Executive and Technical Support team.

Adagio Consultants Academy

You can sign up for a three-day block from Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday for $495, or attend the whole week for $795.

Course materials, lunches and coffee breaks are included. You will need to bring your laptop if you want to follow along, but this is NOT a hands-on workshop. Only members of one of Softrak's Channel programs (ACR, ACS, PSR or ADP) are eligible to attend.



Getting Started with Adagio

  • Installing Adagio
  • Standard Adagio feature set
  • Adagio Receivables
  • Adagio ePrint
  • Adagio Specification Designer


Financial Suite

  • Adagio Ledger
  • Adagio Financial Reporter
  • Adagio Payables
  • Adagio BankRec


Sales & Marketing Review

  • Product positioning
  • Buyers & sales process
  • Competition
  • Marketing resources
  • Dealer programs
  • Video content
  • 3rd party products - industry solutions


Invoicing solutions

  • Adagio Invoices
  • Adagio OrderEntry
  • Adagio Time&Billing overview

Operational Suite

  • Adagio Inventory
  • Costing inventory
  • Costing inventory

Adagio GridView


Module Overviews

  • Adagio SalesAnalysis
  • Adagio SalesCQ
  • Adagio JobCost
  • Adagio DataCare
  • Adagio Console


Upcoming Consultants Academy Sessions

There are currently no scheduled consultants academy session events.
Please check back at a later date.