Tech Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts in Adagio

Learn these keyboard commands to navigation through the windows and data entry forms in Adagio. You don't need to use a mouse to enter data in Adagio!

Keep a handy reference right on your desk -- ask your Adagio Consultant Reseller for the Adagio unMouse Pad.

Tab / Shift-Tab Move to next/previous item entry field or button or menu item
Alt-"character" Move to item where "character" is underlined entry field or button or menu item or index tab
Enter Execute the selected button
Edit highlighted entry in grid
Create new entry in grid if last item in the grid is highlighted
Ctrl-Tab / Shift-Ctrl-Tab Flip to next/prior index tab
Alt-Tab / Shift-Alt-Tab Move to next/previous application
Ctrl-C Copy selected data
Ctrl-X Cut (copy & delete) selected data
Ctrl-V Insert data that was Cut or Copied
RightArrow / LeftArrow Move right/left one character position
Select next/prior radio button
Move from grid to buttons (or vice-versa)
Flip from next/prior index tab if focus is on the tab
Ctrl-RightArrow / Ctrl-LeftArrow Move right/left one word
End / Home Move to end/beginning of entry field
Move to end/beginning of line in memo field
Ctrl-End / Ctrl-Home Move to end/beginning of last/first line in memo field
F1 Context sensitive help
F2 While in any grid or list (such as the Edit Accounts list), F2 will open the highlighted item on the list for editing. Pressing F2 has the same functionality as clicking the Edit button. (Applies to Adagio versions 8.0B and higher only.)
F5 Activate Finder in key field
Activate Calculator in numeric field
Activate Calendar in date field
F6 Activate Smart Finder in key field
While in any grid or list that includes a Find button (such as the Edit Accounts list), F6 will automatically call up the Smart Finder. This allows you to bypass the standard Finder that appears in the Find window, and directly launches the Smart Finder. (Applies to Adagio versions 8.0B and higher only.)
F7 Activate Spell Checker in memo field
Spacebar Select item in selection list
Special action in some grids (in Check Rec, spacebar clears selected checks)
Tick/Untick a checkbox
Execute selected button
DownArrow / UpArrow Select next/prior item in selection list (drop-down field)
Select next/prior radio button
Activate Finder in a field that includes a Finder icon
Activate Calendar in a date field
Active Calculator in a numeric field
Select next/prior value in a drop-down list
PageDown / PageUp Move to next/prior screen in selection list
Shift-F8 and Arrows/Spacebar To select more than one item from a selection list, press Shift-F8, then use arrows and spacebar to choose and select each item, then press Shift-F8 when done.
C While in numeric fields opens the calculator
While in date fields opens the calendar