Tech Tips

Minimize Check Voiding

If your company regularly pays a large number of Vendor invoices with a single payment and would like to avoid wasting check forms with 'VOID', you can do this by creating a check spec that doesn't print details in the advice. You then can print an additional form formatted as 'advice only' which lists the paid invoices.

How do you set this up?

1. Take a check spec that has the sections 'Check', 'Advice 1 Header', 'Advice 1 Detail', and 'Advice 1 footer'.

2. Delete all fields that exist in the Advice detail section.

3. Drag the 'Advice 1 detail' section bar down and drop it immediately above the 'Advice 1 footer' section bar. Choose 'No' to the question of moving any fields with the section.

4. The intention of moving the detail section is to make it's section height = 0, while still maintaining the overall Advice length. You may need to do some minor 'tidying' with vertical lines and Advice header section height.

5. Add a label with the text 'See attached form for payment details' (or something similar) and place it in the Advice Header section where details would typically be listed.

6. From the File/Specification Options, edit the Title to differentiate this as a new check spec.

7. Also edit the 'Max Details' to a large number, larger than the number of invoices you would ever pay on a single check. The absolute maximum is about 32000, but performance is affected with such a large number - somewhere around 100-500 is more appropriate.

8. Set the sections to print as necessary, selection 'Advice 1' to print for both advices if there are 2 for your form.

9. If you haven't already, save this spec with a new file name, in case you don't want to overwrite an existing spec.

Note: Additionally, you can create a 'check only' specification the full 7" or 11", and layout the form exactly as it will print, including the advice information.

When you print checks that use these forms, you will only get one check form printing for each check.

After indicating that check forms printed correctly, you will get a message asking if Additional Forms should be printed - choose Yes. Then from the print screen that follows, select the spec that prints Advice information only. A sample spec AP$ADFRM.SAM can be copied from sample data to your company if you wish - update the file extension to match your data, and edit to include your company information.

Make sure your AP bank code is defined to print Additional Forms. Check the specifications screen and ensure the 'bypass additional forms' checkbox is not selected.