Tech Tips

Data Dictionary Exporter

The Adagio Data Dictionary Export tool creates an Excel Workbook that contains worksheets for each table in an Adagio Data Dictionary. Adagio Programs use the Data Dictionary to access the data in the accounting files. Adagio GridView, Adagio ODBC and the Grid Editor use the Adagio Data Dictionaries to display the fields that are available in each table. You can use this tool to create a printout of all the fields available to display in GridView, or to find the locations where a particular field is referenced.

The Data Dictionary export tool is installed by Adagio GridView and Adagio ODBC to \softrak\system\DataDictionaryExporter.exe. The manual is available from \softrak\system\DDExport.pdf and can be viewed here.

The utility itself is supported only through Softrak's Technical Support Forum.