Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.1A

October 9, 2013

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.1A (2013.10.09)

    New Features

       Supports Automation when Adagio Console is installed. Automation allows you to automate many functions including retrieving, importing, printing reports, backup and integrity check, etc. across modules, and view, print or email the results from an automation log.

       Adagio ePrint users can view PDFs of invoices and credit notes from Adagio Invoices and OrderEntry for transactions in the View Customer function.

       Adagio ePrint users can view PDFs of invoices and credit notes from Adagio Invoices and OrderEntry for shipment and return transactions in IC history in the View Items function.

       Added smart finder by Customer Name to the Find function in the View Customer function.

       Added new expansion codes for Report Favorite filenames for Adagio ePrint users: %CMP (company name), %CNO (company number), and %EXT (data extension).

       Default Import/Export Templates can now be deleted. This avoids selecting them accidentally at sites using custom designed templates.

       The Data Integrity Check results now include the version/date of the program, for example: "Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.1A (131009)".

       New splash screen with an updated look.

       A 'Report set' button has been added to the toolbar.

       Added SalesAnalysis specific Styles for use in filters. The default Filters (used when a new database is created) have also been updated. The sample data includes new Filters that make use of the new Styles. You can recreate any of the new sample filters you find useful in your own live databases.

       The Help | About function now has a Consultant tab showing the contact information for your Adagio consultant if they have enabled this option at your site.

       When Adagio SalesAnalysis is opened after installing an upgrade, a dialog is displayed with a link to a short video highlighting the new features. The dialog is displayed for each user until they tick 'Don't show this message again'. The video also be viewed anytime by visiting the Softrak website. Note: the dialog also appears when Adagio is installed at a new site.

    Problems Fixed

       Sales Analysis no longer sets the Paid indicator for unapplied credit notes.

       If system performance was slow, in some cases toolbar buttons set to disabled by security were momentarily enabled when the program opened the database.

       The range on the Item field for Adagio Invoices items in the Archive/Purge/Restore function was not working correctly.

       Installing the 9.0B (2013.01.26) Service Pack caused the customer smart finder not to work if SalesCQ was used, unless Receivables 9.1A was also installed.

       When converting SalesAnalysis from a version prior to 9.0A, depending on the version of OrderEntry you were using, if you did not retrieve from OE prior to upgrading SA then invoices in the retrieve file were duplicated in some cases.

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