Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Payables 8.1F

August 26, 2013

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio Payables 8.1F (2013.08.26)

    New Features

       Adagio ePrint users can view a PDF of Adagio PurchaseOrders documents from the AP and PO current/archive transaction grids in the Edit / View Vendors functions, including POs, Receipts, and Inv/Adjs . The documents open in the new Adagio PDF viewer.

       You can attach files (such as a promotional offer) to advices or letters in the email queue. Attachments are shown in a tree view on the Edit Email Entry dialog. Right-click on the tree to attach a PDF, Word, Excel or other types of files. Multi-select is supported, allowing you to add files to all receipts in the queue.

       Supports Automation when Adagio Console is installed. Automation allows you to automate many functions in Adagio modules, including posting, importing, printing reports, backup and integrity check, etc. across modules, and view, print or email the results from an automation log.

       Supports the Auto-fill GL account and department options in Ledger 9.1A.

       Locking has been relaxed while printing checks, allowing users to use certain other functions that were previously not allowed.

       New splash screen with an updated look.

       A 'Report set' button has been added to the toolbar.

       Added new expansion codes for Report Favorite filenames for Adagio ePrint users: %CMP (company name), %CNO (company number), and %EXT (data extension).

       Added new AP specific Styles for use in filters. The default Filters (used when a new database is created) have also been updated. The sample data includes new Filters that make use of the new Styles. You can recreate any of the new sample filters you find useful in your own live databases.

       A Listing button was added on the Group Setup window and prints all options or enabled options only for a range of groups.

       The Data Integrity Check results now include the version/date of the program, for example: "Adagio Payables 8.1F (130726)".

       The Help | About function now has a Consultant tab showing the contact information for your Adagio consultant if they have enabled this option at your site.

       Excel Direct can now use Windows "automation" (inter-process communication) to send data to other spreadsheet applications, the same way it interfaces to Excel, allowing all formatting to be retained in the resulting sheet. OpenOffice 3.3 or later and LibreOffice® 3.3 or later are supported. This interface must be manually enabled. The file SSI2XL.INI must exist in \softrak\system and must contain the section [Initialization] with an entry <computer name>-UseOpenOffice=1, where <computer name> is the name of the machine that this entry references. Refer to the Readme Help for further details.

    Problems Fixed

       You can now view the applied transactions in the Transactions grid without using the mouse. Opening the Transaction tab puts immediate focus on the grid, so Alt-A can be used without tabbing to view a particular transaction, or use the cursor keys to highlight a different transaction.

       After creating a new vendor, other users or Adagio programs were not able to access that vendor until you closed the Edit Vendor function.

       Deleting a vendor with a P/O Balance (but no outstanding balance or transactions) is now prevented.

       Changes to the Discount Rate made from the Transactions grid when editing a vendor were not being saved unless the Discount Base / Discount date were also edited.

       If an invoice date older than 30 days from the session date was entered in a batch for a vendor with the 'Auto-generate invoice number?' option enabled, the invoice number was not regenerated using the date entered.

       When entering invoices in Payables 8.1E with JobCost 8.1C you received the error "Unable to find data dictionary Alert Functions @J81AART, (1212)" in some cases.

       Posting a Cash Invoice no longer sends zero dollar transactions to Payables account to the GL.

       Corrected a problem with sending the Time&Billing User Defined % codes from Payables to Ledger on a Manual Check (MC) cash invoice.

       Manual Check posting in Payables 8.1E was not sending information to the Description 2 field in the G/L transaction batch.

       The XML file created for T5018 electronic filing was rejected in some cases.

       Specification code G01 "G/L Acct-Job# - Dist Code" truncated the Job-Phase-Category when the full 6 characters were used.

       The Description entered when a check was reconciled did not print on the Check Reconciliation report after the reconciliation was posted (although it did print while the transaction was pending).

       Voided Manual Checks displayed in the Check Reconciliation with the cents truncated in the amount.

       The report filename codes (ex. %FYR) were not being saved in report favorites.

       The %PJN code did not work when printing the Check Reconciliation Posting Journal to a PDF file with Adagio ePrint.

       The new option 'Show description 2' for the Print/Consolidate GL Transactions report in Payables 8.1E was not working.

       Import Vendors now supports importing multiple email addresses (separated by a semicolon) in email fields.

       Importing the Next Year 1099 field for vendors did not populate the Next Year T5018 field.

       The window title in the dialog box displayed after creating an EFT file showed the wrong bank in some cases.

       When creating a new multi-currency database or enabling multi-currency you must now enter a Default Rate Type.

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