Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio EFT 8.1E

November 14, 2012

    Enhancements and problems fixed in Adagio EFT 8.1E (2012.11.14)

       Compatible with Adagio Payables 8.1E.

       Added 'Data extension' field to the EFT tab in the Company Profile. This allows you to pick an extension for the EFT file created for upload to your bank. Some bank websites require an specific extension such as .TXT. The extension for the file was set to the data extension in previous versions, requiring it to be changed manually before it could be uploaded.

       If 'Enable EFT' is set for a vendor, there is a now a warning if you save the vendor with a blank Bank ID field, unless your EFT provider is set to Telpay, who do not necessarily require a Bank ID as they can write a check to the vendor if the vendor's bank details are not known.

       The Adagio Payables 8.1D (2012.08.14) Service Pack added support for the HSBC bank format for the Adagio EFT add-on. However the file was rejected by the bank. This has been corrected.

       Fixed problems with registration and license entry, including a problem where the Help | About screen, Add-ons tab, showed Adagio EFT was not registered, when in fact it had been registered and the license number entered (only happened if EFT had not been registered within 60 days).

       Emailed additional forms printed "Void" for check amount fields (Check Information spec codes beginning with A) instead of the amount of the EFT transaction.

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