Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio BoM 8.1E

December 19, 2011


       Adagio BoM (Bills of Material) is compatible with Order Entry 8.1E and Inventory 8.1D. (Note: at the time of this release, IC 8.1D has not been released).

       When a master item from a Bill of Material was returned to inventory on a credit note, if the 'Auto assemble' option was on in the item, when Day End was run another master item was incorrectly built and component items relieved.

    Install Changes

       This version moves toward our goal of a more Windows 7 friendly environment for installation. If you are installing to a mapped network drive that is normally accessible, but you cannot see it during the install when attempting to select a drive or folder, you can now install by browsing to the correct folder using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC), for example \\myserver\accounting\. This avoids having to adjust the User Account Control settings, which requires you to restart your computer and temporarily grant Administrative privileges to the user if they are not an administrator.

       The install writes to the master install log file "AdagioMasterInstall.log" in the \softrak\system folder. An entry is written to this log when any full, upgrade or SP for any Adagio module (with a release date of March 2011 or later) is installed. It shows the version installed and the version being replaced, the name of the Windows user who did the install and the rights for that user. An entry is also written to the log when an updated version of the Adagio Data Source (ADS) is installed, showing the version installed and the version being replaced. This log can be used to quickly determine the install history for all Adagio programs.


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