Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Ledger 9.0C

May 11, 2010

    General Ledger

  • After converting to 9.0C, there was a data integrity error whenever you posted to an account that had not been posted to yet in
    9.0C. There was no data loss and the Data Integrity Check rebuilt the error. The Data Integrity Check now also detects and
    rebuilds the problem caused by the conversion, preventing any further problems in posting.

  • The data dictionaries required by 9.0C were not installed in some cases on some machines due to an unknown lock on these files
    by the OS. The install now detects this problem if it occurs and displays a warning. In addition, the program now detects when the
    data dictionaries are not correct and displays the error "Incorrect data dictionary for this version of Ledger. Please re-install
    Ledger." when started.

  • You can now optionally turn off creating a Table in Excel 2007 when using Excel Direct from grids and finders. If you don't have
    one already, create an ssi2xl.ini file in your x:SoftrakSystem folder (where 'x' is the mapped drive Adagio is installed to) and enter
    the following setting, where <windows user name> (without the angle brackets) is your Windows login name (not your Adagio user
    <windows user name>=1

  • If the Security Group restricted access to Edit Accounts but Edit Accounts was selected for On Startup, Edit Accounts opened
    when it should not have.

  • The Import Transactions function required that the import file contain the 'Transaction No.' field and it could not be set as a field
    default. It is still a required field but it can be (and must be) set as a default so it will be auto-generated if it is not included in the
    import file.

  • The Export Source Currencies function only exported the current year even when a different year was selected.

  • If posting failed in Ledger 9.0C, you got the error "Incomplete posting. Only Data Integrity Check will be available." when you
    attempted to open the database. However, the Data Integrity Check displayed an error and could not be run.

  • In rare cases a user opening the Ledger database while another user was posting could get a false error message indicating there
    was an incomplete posting.

    Financial Reporter

  • A new property, 'Edit On Print', has been added to the context menu when cells are selected. Cells with this property may be
    changed by a user when a statement is opened in “Print only” mode. For example, this allows a user who is restricted from editing
    statements by security Group to be able to enter and update budget / forecast figures. Cells marked with this property have a pale
    yellow background. This default may be changed under View | Properties. The chosen color shows up when viewing the spec but
    does not appear on Print Preview or when printing to paper.
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    AL20100511 11-May-2010

  • In some circumstances in 9.0C, a financial statement would fail to generate a row for the ending account in a range, when a
    statement was expanded for a single department.

  • GLUPDATE() failed to report some errors on evaluation and incorrectly handled a leading minus sign. This has been fixed.

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