Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio GridView 9.0B

February 22, 2010

  • The functions =RECORDCONTAINS(itemvalue[,endingvalue]) and =VIEWCONTAINS(itemvalue[,endingvalue]) have been added to search for information in a record or view respectively. If the RECORDCONTAINS() function is used, then all fields with the same data type (string, date, number) in the record are searched for a case insensitive match. If VIEWCONTAINS() is used, then only those table fields included in the View are inspected (calculated columns are not inspected). If the itemvalue is a string and the endingvalue parameter is non-zero, then a case sensitive search is performed, otherwise the search is not sensitive to case. If the itemvalue is a date or number and a second value is specified, then all records containing dates or numbers between (rather than equal to) the specified range are matched.

  • The program DataDictionaryExporter.EXE is now installed in the Softrak\GVWin folder. It creates Excel Workbooks listing all the tables and data elements in your installed Adagio modules. You can use Excels search functions to locate specific field instances in a large table. The file DDExporter.pdf documents how the utility works.

  • An option has been added to sort the field names in a table into alphabetical order

  • The workspace name is now included in the title bar to make it easier to identify multiple GridView sessions on the Task Bar.

  • On startup of Adagio GridView, you can choose a function (New, Open, Recent Files, Recent Workspaces) to invoke automatically.

  • The command line parameter “/F:folderpath” has been added to specify the folder to be used for loading and saving Views and Workspaces. If the command line parameter “/c” is not specified (meaning that the user may not change or create a view), then the user may only open Views in the specified folder.

  • Security has been improved. If the user does not have permission to change a view, then they may only open Views in the directory specified in the “/F” command line parameter. If GridView has been launched from an Adagio module and the user does not have permission to edit the View, then they also cannot open any other Views (the Open button is disabled).

  • Adagio GridView RW has been improved in the following ways:

  • The program title automatically changes to Adagio GridViewRW when read-write is enabled

  • Translate coded values is now automatically disabled

  • You can now multi-select records for deletion

  • You can now add records to a file. To add multiple records, multi-select the number of record you want to add and choose “Insert”.

  • The Recent Files and Views Dialog boxes have been made resizable.

  • Improvements in speed and other features have been made to the automated Excel export functionality (“/XDV”). Now only the exported workbook is closed on task completion (rather than the entire Excel session).

  • Improvements have been made to the automatic conversion of Views when a different data table is selected. Adagio GridView 9.0B 2 of 3 GV20100222 15-Feb-10

  • The Format Styles have been added to the Row Formatting Dialog.

  • Compatible with Windows 7.

  • The Adagio Open Data Dialog has been significantly improved. The Previously Opened database list is now saved by Adagio User rather than for all users. The first time an existing user or a new user logs into Adagio GridView they will be asked “Would you like your historical company access list set up?” Answer yes to have all entries from the Previously Opened list from your prior use of GridView copied for your use. The Open Data screen and Previously Opened database list now show the date the database was last opened by the user. You may also elect to have Adagio save your Adagio User Id and Password and default them when logging into Adagio. The saved information is based on your Windows authenticated user name. This option may be turned off by editing \softrak\system\ADS.INI and adding the lines: [Options] RememberUser=0 RememberPassword=0

  • Excel Direct (from finders, smart finders and from grids in some modules) can be configured to export an ASCII CSV file (instead of sending data direct to Excel) and start an application that automatically opens the file. This allows export when Excel is not installed and provides support for other spreadsheets such as OpenOffice.org. Note that unlike Excel Direct there is no formatting with CSV. To enable this functionality, entries must be made manually in the file \softrak\system\ssi2xl.ini. Refer to the Configuring Excel Direct to Export to CSV topic in the Readme help for details.

  • Install, workstation install and Service Pack install now support installing to a LINUX server without the special command line parameter /LINUX. Note: This prevents problems with future installs but if you encounter a problem with read-only files from a previous install you must correct it manually to set all Adagio files to read-write.

  • When using GridView RW Copy/Paste of a Date field has been fixed.

  • When using Excel Direct with hidden columns all columns are correctly formatted.

  • Autorun features for Excel Direct have been fixed.

  • Added Copy to the grid context menu to facilitate the paste of the cell value into another application.

  • You can no longer make changes to the Header/Footer or change the cell formatting unless you are allowed to Edit a View.

  • When saving a View with “Save without data” enabled and a large number of rows, clearing memory would take an inordinate amount of time. This has been fixed.

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