Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Receivables 9.0A

September 28, 2009

  • Compatible with Adagio Time&Billing 8.1B. Adds fields from the TB Client tab in Customer to the import and export templates if TB 8.1B data is present (customers/clients are no longer imported/exported in Time&Billing). A grid showing Time/Disbursement transactions from WIP and Billing transactions from Bill History (Header and Detail) for the customer has been added to the edit customer and customer inquiry functions on the Transactions tab. Alerts related to Time&Billing functions have been added to the customer: TB bill entry, TB time & disb. entry, TB docket edit and TB time keeper.

  • Excel Direct (from finders, smart finders and from grids in some modules) can be configured to export an ASCII CSV file (instead of sending data direct to Excel) and start an application that automatically opens the file. This allows export when Excel is not installed and provides support for other spreadsheets such as OpenOffice.org. Note that unlike Excel Direct there is no formatting with CSV. Entries must be made manually in the file \softrak\system\ssi2xl.ini. Refer to the Readme help file for details.

  • Added 'Report Preview Options' in the File | Options function to allow you to set the default preview zoom factor (percentage) and preview window state (full screen or partial screen) for previewing reports to screen. These settings are saved by workstation. Note: this applies to previewing reports only (but not previewing statements/letters).

  • Added option 'Check history during DIC?' to the Company Profile, System Options tab. Set this option to speed up the integrity check if checking history is not critical for your site. Earlier versions of Receivables prior to 9.0A did not do an Application Integrity Check phase on history transactions because history transactions were in a different file from current transactions. All transactions are now in one file. Setting the option to skip history should result in the time taken to do a integrity check being similar to earlier versions. Note: the File Integrity Check phase is still performed in all cases (and always was in prior versions). Adagio DataCare can be used to schedule a full check of large AR databases after business hours.

  • Added a Department code field to Territories and ShipTo Addresses for departmentalizing revenue and cost. If a Department code is entered on the Territory record, it will override any Department code that has been entered in the Location record within Adagio Inventory. However, even if a Department code is entered on the Territory record, it can be overridden by any Department code within a ShipTo record being used. The Department code overrides the Department in GL Accounts in the Category in Adagio Inventory. This feature will be supported in future releases of Adagio Invoices and Adagio OrderEntry.

  • The performance of the conversion from earlier versions has been significantly improved and may be 10 times or more faster across a network on a large database providing there is sufficient memory in the workstation.

  • The Retrieve Transaction Batches function now supports payments when retrieving invoices from OrderEntry. This allows payments to post through to Adagio BankRec. In previous versions the 'Adagio Receivables batch type' in the OE company profile had to be 'Direct' and 'Retrieval' could not be used if you applied payments to invoices in OE.

  • The entries in invoice and cash batches retrieved from OrderEntry were not in the correct sequence if the batch contained 10 or more entries.

  • When Payments were backdated, the matching record picked up the date from the Cash instead of the Invoice when the batch was posted. As a result, backdated Aged Trial Balance Reports and Statements may not show the correct balance for the Cash. This is fixed for new postings.

  • If a Retainage invoice was created for a Job related transaction and the Job was removed, the Retainage detail distribution was also Adagio Receivables 9.0A 2 of 7 AR20090928 15-Oct-09 removed.

  • Unapplied payments were not being sent to JobCost when you posted a cash batch.

  • If a Cash batch had a Job related Prepayment prior to a Miscellaneous Cash entry, the Miscellaneous Cash entry was assigned the Job number from the preceding entry and was then transferred to JobCost.

  • Added the second transaction Description field to the Transaction Detail screen in edit customer, transactions tab.

  • When a customer was added on the fly in batch entry the formatted address fields (City, State/Prov, Country) were not shown on the customer screen even though the 'Format Address?' option was set. You had to unselect and reselect the option to cause the fields to appear.

  • Contacts can no longer be used as Shipto addresses in the customer if Adagio Invoices or OrderEntry are not used.

  • The Bill Specification field on the Time&Billing tab in edit customer could not be set to blanks.

  • The Billing Method (By Customer or By Docket) in the customer can now be edited at any time. In previous versions, all transactions in Receivables and Time&Billing had to be purged before you could edit the Billing Method.

  • When adding a new customer, if you added a note at the same time, the note displayed in the grid was for a different customer in some cases. Similarly, if you added a Contact when adding a new customer the contacts grid was incorrect.

  • If you edited more than one alert in a customer some of the function selection information from the previously edited alert showed on the alert currently being edited.

  • When statements were printed on A4 paper, vertical lines in the detail section extended through the footer in some cases.

  • When printing statements the error 'List index out of bounds (14)' was displayed in some cases when an adjustment to a current invoice had been moved to history.

  • The Customer List and Statistics report showed the Recurring Charge codes twice.

  • The Aged Trial Balance report 'Aged as of' required a date later than the last clearing date. Now you can use a date later than or equal to the last clearing date.

  • If you clicked the Listing button after copying batches the error "List index out of bounds (0)" was displayed in some cases.

  • When the Overdue Receivables report was printed sorted by 'Number of days' transactions were missing in some cases.

  • The Data Integrity Check rebuild function can add transaction matching records missing from history due to previous database problems. This can correct problems in the Aged Trial Balance report when printed 'Calculate as of’ a date in the past. The new option 'Check history during DIC?' in the Company Profile must be on.

  • Lookup tables for use by Adagio GridView have been added for the Time&Billing fields ' Bill Trx Sort', 'Bill Gen Desc', Rate Source' and 'Billing Method' in the customer.

  • Since Pie Charts exclude negative amounts, total credits are now displayed in the subtitle so that the Chart amounts can be reconciled with the Aged Trial Balance or Company Aging.

  • The customer window size was not saved the first time you changed it.

  • Import Customers with ‘Overwrite records’ on was not replacing the Street, City and State fields.

  • The 'Last access' date was not updated if the program was started from the Adagio menu of another application or from an icon with parameters that bypassed the login screen. Therefore the field was not up to date on the login screen the next time you started the program.

  • The AR sample data has been updated. The related sample databases have been updated to the current versions for OrderEntry 8.1C and Inventory 8.1B.

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