Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio SalesAnalysis 8.0A

October 21, 2004

  • Now supports multi-currency.

  • Supports Adagio MultiCurrency Lite.

  • Quantities are always shown with the appropriate number of decimals (instead of always showing with 2 decimals) in grids in Statistics and On-line Inquiry, and on the Edit Data dialog.

  • The F2 key now supports Windows standard behavior by editing the line selected on a grid.

  • The F6 key now opens the smart finder directly from any grid where you can do a find.

  • The date of the last data integrity check is now displayed in the status bar.

  • The Data Integrity Checker memo now shows the date the integrity check was run, the starting and ending time, the path and extension of the data and the user name.

  • The Data Integrity Checker now writes full details of the integrity check into the log file.

  • The Windows calculator can added to and launched from the toolbar by selecting 'Calculator button' in File | Options.

  • The install now checks to ensure the current user has rights to write to the Adagio program directories. It also checks that the current user can access the areas of the Windows registry required to install and run Adagio.

  • When launching other modules from the Adagio menu in Adagio SalesAnalysis, the session date is passed to the module.

  • Added an extension to the Adagio menu to allow Adagio Developer Partners to add their products to the Adagio menu in Adagio SalesAnalysis.

  • The source files for all reports in Adagio SalesAnalysis are installed in the StandardRP sub-directory rather in the program directory \Softrak\SRWin.

  • Sample data has been updated.

  • Some reports would not print if the currency symbol in the Windows Regional Settings was not a dollar sign ($).

  • The size and position of the Adagio SA main window is now saved when the appropriate options are selected in the File | Options menu.

  • Screens now open at a more logical position on dual monitor system.

  • Item numbers did not print on On-line Inquiry reports for databases with a single segment item number format that used less than the full 16 characters.

  • Profit and Margin percentages displayed in Statistics were incorrect.

  • Item number ranges in On-line Inquiry Edit Data now support lower case item numbers in Adagio Invoices.

  • The field "Ship-to address code" in the Crystal Reports for Adagio table was left blank when transactions were retrieved.

  • The Profit % total was incorrect on the Statistics report.

  • Grids flickered in some cases when the cursor was positioned over the vertical slider bar on the grid.

  • In some case on XP, 2000 and NT machines, the Auto-workstation install ran when you started the program, even though a workstation install had already been done and was not needed.

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