Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Payables 8.0A

March 30, 2006

  • The legal amount field prints with trailing asterisks on cheques. Trailing asterisks are not compatible with the CPA Standard 006 required for all cheques processed in Canada starting January 1, 2007. New spec codes A21 and A22 have been added to print without the trailing asterisks.

  • Added a menu choice 'Open Template' to the File menu in the designer.

  • Added address, phone, fax, email and website fields to Banks.

  • Two date convenience box image files, APletters.bmp and APoutline.bmp, are installed and can be used when you designing your own check specs for blank check stock.

  • The designer now defaults the specification file extension in the 'Save as type' to use the data extension for the company.

  • Added a new 1099 spec (AP$2005) to match slight changes in 1099-MISC for 2005.

  • Vendor Payee fields can now be imported and exported.

  • The Column Editor for the Vendors grid now supports the new vendor fields added previously in 8.0A.

  • The Year End function was setting the last clearing date to the session date instead of using the date assigned during year end.

  • The Batch Status report printed batch totals in 4 decimals even on single currency databases.

  • After consolidating the GL batch for a System Check run for a home currency bank in a multi-currency database for you could not retrieve the batch into Adagio Ledger.

  • You are now prevented you from changing the Control Account Set on a Vendor record if the balance outstanding is not 0.

  • The Original Amount was missing in subtotals by Report Group, Control Account, and Currency on the Vendor Transaction report.

  • The rate calculated was incorrect for a cash invoice written to a foreign currency Vendor on a home currency bank.

  • The Open Payables report was not recalculating the Current Amount when printed in home currency and back-dated.

  • Adagio Time&Billing 8.0A no longer installs interface programs in ACCPAC® PlusT Accounts Payable. If you use Plus A/P with Time&Billing see the Readme help files in Time&Billing and Payables for important information.

  • System Checks using a Currency Table defined to divide by the exchange rate to convert to home equivalent multiplied instead.

  • If 'Remember report settings' was enabled when you converted your Payables data to 8.0A, the 4th sort option on the Print Check Reconciliation report screen had a blank date range even though there was no field option chosen for that sort. An error occurred if you tried to print the report with that sort option there.

  • An error occurred in some cases when printing and clearing the Clearing Posting Journal after running Period End or Year End on a multi-currency database.

  • The TelPay EFT file generated did not include the address line containing the City, Sate when the Address Line specified in the Vendor was different than the default in the Company Profile.

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