Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Payables 8.0A

June 26, 2006

  • Supports Adagio BankRec multi-currency databases.

  • Department fields in the Company Profile could not be saved in previous releases of 8.0A.

  • The formatted address lines from the Bank printed the bank name instead of the address when printing blank checks.

  • A filler field was not allowed in the "A" section of a manual check import batch template.

  • The EFT file produced for TelPay® for Business included the vendor number in the Company Code when it should not have, causing newer versions of TelPay to reject the file.

  • The hash total calculated for the TelPay for Business EFT file was incorrect in some cases, causing the file to be rejected.

  • The MICR font has been adjusted slightly to improve readability by electronic equipment.

  • The interface to Purple Cashbook for Adagio was not working on multi-currency databases for foreign bank accounts.

  • A manual check applied to an invoice and a credit note transaction, with the credit note only partially applied, caused an integrity error to be reported after running Period End. The Rebuild did not correct this.

  • In the manual check batch entry grid, if the vendor had enough transactions to fill the grid and the right hand slider bar appear, clicking the last line on the grid scrolled down when it should have selected the line.

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