Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Ledger 9.0A

March 7, 2008

  • The look of disabled buttons on the toolbar has been improved.

  • In View Accounts you can now sort the View into Department/Account sequence. Use the right-mouse button to select the sort.

  • The Posting Complete message screen appeared under the Merging Transactions screen in some cases when posting a very large batch with data on a network drive and you topped another window during posting. This made it appear that the posting was hung, although simply topping the Adagio Ledger and pressing ENTER would clear the problem.

  • If you tried to post an entry to an account that does not exist, the Posting Errors report showed 'Error in Entry x in batch y. Placed in batch z. Net Change record missing.' The error is now correctly shown as 'Error in Entry x in batch y. Placed in batch z. Invalid Account.'

  • Detail Listing can now be printed in a 'Condensed' format. This format allows for more transactions per page. The condensed format more closely resembles the Detail Listing in previous versions. Use the 'Units' or 'Batch/entry nos.' formats to show the additional information available in Ledger 9.0A. To reduce the number of pages even further, select Report Options under the Reports menu and turn off the option 'Show parameters on all pages' (there are more options in Ledger 9.0A than in previous versions, making the header section larger).

  • The pennies were cut off of the right most column of the Detail Listing fro some printers in some cases.

  • Some corrections have been made to the Detail Listing when sorted by Department / Account.

  • The 'Import Source Currencies' function reported errors when you tried to save a new template in some cases. These errors should only have been displayed when the import was actually run. This prevented you from saving the new template.

  • The import function now remains open after completing an import. This is convenient if you have several imports to perform.

  • When you ran "Close Current Fiscal Year', a list of 'Procedures to complete before running Change Fiscal Year' appears. This has been changed to 'Procedures to complete before running Close Current Fiscal Year'. In addition, the item 'Close year - must perform function first' has been changed to 'Close Income/Expense Acct - must perform function first'. These changes should help clarify the steps required before closing the year.

  • The error 'Floating point division by zero' occurred when retrieving prior year data in a multi-currency database if a multi-currency transaction had a source amount but the home amount was zero.

  • Help and Financial Report Help have been updated.

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