Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio JobCost 6.8B

December 16, 2006

  • Compatible with Adagio Inventory 8.0B when interfaced at the Phase or Category level.

  • If the date on the login screen was blanked out, the database was opened with a date of 1899.

  • The decimal point was wrong on the Retainage percentage field on the Billing Worksheet.

  • In the retrieve function, if you selected payroll only when there were other types of batches to retrieve the Proceed button could not be selected.

  • For jobs with the 'simple costed jobs' setting enabled, the Batch Listing report printed an 'invalid estimate' message for estimates that used either phases or descriptions for a cost entry.

  • An error was displayed when printing the Billing and Payment Posting Journal if you had previously partially printed and cleared the journal. This has been corrected and existing posting journals will be covered in most cases. However, in some cases the posting journal cannot be corrected and will be lost.

  • Retrieving the AP batch from a path different than the JC data directory did not work if JC was stared from an icon that passed in the database path in lower case.

  • The translated codes are now shown for the 'Trx Type' field in Job Cost Detail file in GridView.

  • After converting to Adagio JobCost from ACCPAC® PlusT Job Costing run without AR and adding Adagio Receivables, the Job Status report and other reports printed the customer name from the original JC customer file rather than the Adagio Receivables customer file.

  • The Job Status report now prints all Billings and Payments transactions regardless of the range for 'Trans dates'. Only the Costs are affected by the date range.

  • Sample data has been updated for AR 8.0B. The JC, AP, GL, IC and Invoices sample data has also been updated, including adding an AP spec for the CCRA T5018 Statement of Contract Payments form.

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