Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.3A

January 28, 2020

    ·          SalesCQ quotes are now shown on the Transactions tab in Edit and View Customer if SalesCQ data is present. Notes: Drilldown to SalesCQ transactions screens is only available in Edit Customer in SalesCQ. Item numbers show quantities with 2 decimals. The Quotes tab is only available in Edit Customer in SalesCQ.

    ·          New automation command nouns have been added to allow attaching report set PDF/Excel files to the email with the automation log results. Allows reports from multiple applications to be attached on a single email. The EmailPDFAutoLog has Overwrite/Attach and Append/Attach nouns to include PDF/Excel files from report sets. The 9.3A release of Adagio Console is required to use this feature.

    ·          Finder / Smartfinder was showing a Character string instead of 'Linked' for the Doc Link field in some cases.

    ·          During conversion, the progress bar does not show the progress of the conversion. However, upon successful conversion, a message box “Conversion Completed Successfully” is displayed. The fix now shows the progress of the conversion followed by the success message box. 

    ·          When the customer Zip/Postal code was used as a summary field in an online inquiry, the last portion of the customer name was used instead. This has been fixed.

    ·          When Adagio DocStore is integrated, report sets can now be emailed with PDF or Excel file attachments for each report to selected recipients.

    ·          If a user has access to the Maintain Automation Log feature, they also have the ability to view all of the automation logs for any user.

    ·          If the data path folder name contained a period, browsing to the folder and double clicking on the global file caused the application to try to create a new dataset with the extension set to the part of the folder name following the period character.

    ·          If reports were printed to PDF using AdagioV3PDF and either the Append or Insert Before file conflict strategies, existing PDFs were not appended to and instead a new PDF was created with a numeric file name suffix. This has been fixed.

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