Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio PurchaseOrders 9.3A

May 20, 2019

    New Features

    ·    Enhanced compatibility with future release of Adagio Inventory 9.3A. Document links for Adagio DocStore are sent to Inventory 9.3A history. The Item Description from PO documents is sent to Inventory (in case you change it from the description in the Inventory item). Vendor Name, Vendor Invoice Number, Optional Fields and other new fields are sent to Inventory.

    ·    It is easier to choose the correct field from tables with large numbers of fields in the Column Editor. You can now sort the list, restrict the list using the data type you are searching for (Text, Date, Amount and Value), and type in some text likely to identify the field. On the Select the Type option on the Select Fields dialog to show fields of that type.

    ·    The 64-bit version of Adagio GridView (if available) is launched from the Adagio menu and for custom Views added to the Inquiries menu. The 64-bit version makes use of more memory (if available), allowing for views on larger databases and it can be faster. Note: this is not yet supported on Adagio Cloud.

    Document Entry

    ·    For DocStore users, the glasses graphic was added to the Header and Total tabs for edit and view document functions to highlight the fact that the DocStore view / attach buttons are available on the screen for those tabs.

    ·    For Sundry items that represent ‘Service Pricing’, the ‘Extended Cost’ field was not editable in Adagio PurchaseOrders 9.3A (171107). This affected Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Requisitions. Note: if the ‘Allow cost override’ option is not selected in the Security Group or the Company Profile, the ‘Extended Cost’ field will not be editable. This option affects all Items.

    ·    For single segment items, the Purchase History inquiry (launched with the “i” button from the detail screen) did not display the Open Purchase Orders information or the Open Sales Orders information.

    ·    The Find did not work for Requisitions in PurchaseOrders 9.2B or 9.3A.

    ·    Receive All truncated extended cost rather than rounding it. In some cases, this caused Data Integrity errors with the Vendor's P/O Balance. For example: Payables Vendor NNNNNN has -0.01 on PO, actual is 0.00.

    ·    36695 When filters for document lists were changed, the eP viewer icon was incorrectly being displayed for an unprinted document.

    ·    Purchase Orders with a blank first segment in the Document number could not be completed.

    ·    When attaching PDFs to quick receipts, in some cases the Header record was not correctly updated with the Doc Link value. This has been fixed, and the integrity check will fix posted receipts that have missing Doc Link values.

    ·    Attempting to attach a PDF on the Totals tab of a new document before the primary vendor was selected would cause an error. Now the vendor must be selected before any PDFs can be attached.

    ·    Changing the Unit of Measure on the Receipt was causing integrity errors because the Purchase Order was not getting reduced by the correct number. Now when the unit is changed on the Receipt the quantities On Order are converted to that unit for the Receipt. If the remaining quantity can still be evenly converted to whole numbers of the original unit, the Purchase Order will be updated in that unit. If not, the PO detail will be converted to the new unit of measure.

    ·    In MultiCurrency data, for purchase orders where a Discount was added on the Total tab and the Receipt was at a different exchange rate than the Purchase Order, the home equivalent amount of the Discount was not being recalculated at the new exchange rate. The currency exchange difference was incorrectly updating the 'Ledger rounding error account' and the 'Payables clearing account'.

    Posting documents

    ·    Posting an Invoice/Adjustment updated the Total Cost for Adagio Inventory Non-Stock items. It no longer does this.

    ·    Job-related Purchase Orders with a discount did not send the correct amount to the batch in JobCost.

    Forms Designer and printing forms

    ·    Using Alt-D on the print dialog to select the eP button to print purchase orders and other documents to PDF was not working.

    ·    The Company Profile option for auto-printing purchase orders now includes approving requisitions. The previous option for requisition approval has been changed to auto-print after posting requisitions.

    ·    The Company Profile has been updated. The options for: Allow direct printing of POs were changed to match the options that appear when the option is edited. The report now prints Purchase Order and Requisition instead of Order and Approval.

    ·    Corrected a problem where the preview of documents to an Ultra High Resolution screen displayed shrunken in the upper left of the screen. The preview from the Specification Designer was also corrected.

    ·    Added ‘Blank on zero’ to Properties for quantity, amount and other numeric fields in the Specification Designer.

    ·    The label field ** DO NOT ADD TO DOCSTORE ** has been added to the End of Page section in the ALL Codes specification so that test prints are not added to DocStore.

    Maintenance functions

    ·    In the Auto Generate Purchase Orders from OE function, if you edited an item generated, you could not save the change and the error “Please enter a valid order number” was incorrectly displayed. In addition, the O/E Reference finder on the edit item dialog contained blank lines.

    ·    If you opened, closed and re-opened the Auto Generate function without having generated and created purchase orders “Error 1011 occurred when attempting to create new P/O Auto Generated Items” was displayed.


    ·    Printing a Report Set to PDF used the older AdagioPDF printer driver rather than the newer AdagioV2PDF printer driver. This caused a problem if an older version of some Adagio module that installed the older AdagioPDF had not been previously installed.

    ·    These reports were printing the purchase unit of measure instead of the price unit of measure:
       - Transaction Reports: Outstanding PO Items, Receipts.
       - Purchase Order Reports: Transaction Listing, Outstanding Purchase Orders.


    ·    Importing Event Budgets with Subevents was causing Integrity errors in the count and amount.

    ·    Importing Receipts did not update the Vendor Name field in the receipt and it was blank if shown in the grid. The Vendor Name is now taken from the Primary Vendor.

    ·    When a purchase order was created using the Import OE Lines function, the Bill to City from the order was used for the ShipTo address if the Format Address was on.

    ·    There was an error when importing receipts if there are multiple vendors on the Purchase Order being receipted.

    ·    When importing Event Budgets with Sub-events, importing the Amount Spent for Sub-events now correctly also updates the Total event budget amount for Total amount spent.

    ·    Importing with Field offset was trimming the import field on the right instead of the left.


    ·    The Date, Time and User have been added at the bottom of all messages. These fields provide useful information on screenshots of messages.

    ·    Improved the performance and behavior of document grids when Adagio DocStore is used and there are links to documents on the grids.

    ·    Corrected errors relating to Adagio DocStore that occurred at some sites and caused data integrity errors that had to be fixed by the Data Integrity Check function.

    ·    Rebuilding an Application Integrity Check error (phase 2) in PurchaseOrders (or DataCare) relating to quantities in Adagio Inventory caused a minor File Integrity Check error (phase 1) in the inventory data in some cases.

    ·    When integrated with Adagio DocStore, some grids did not correctly display the word “Linked” in the Doc Link column. This has been fixed.

    ·    Access violation errors were appearing if you attempted to exit the program before the document list was finished opening.

    ·    Integrity errors were being caused by users canceling Day End processing. If another user was locking a record (for example, editing a Vendor for which Day End was processing a receipt), a message with Cancel and Retry buttons was displayed. The message now has only a Retry button.

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