Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.3A

April 24, 2019

    ·    Enhanced compatibility with future release of Adagio Inventory 9.3A.

    ·    Compatible with Adagio DocStore. The Retrieve Sales Data function retrieves DocStore document links from Adagio OrderEntry and Adagio Invoices. The Scan Sales Data from Other Systems function also retrieves document links from those modules. The Edit Data and Online Inquiry functions allow you to view DocStore attachments. Documents can be attached in the Edit Data function. The Import Transactions function allows you to attach PDF documents. The Process SoftPDF to DocStore function adds links to SalesAnalysis transactions retrieved from OrderEntry and/or Adagio Invoices prior to upgrading to SalesAnalysis 9.3A.

    ·    Requires Adagio OrderEntry 9.3A (2019.04.08) for compatibility with Adagio DocStore.

    ·    Requires Adagio Invoices 9.3A (2019.03.18) for compatibility with Adagio DocStore.

    ·    The Find button in the Edit Data function is now enabled when a filter is applied. You can use the Finder and Smart Finder to search within the filtered grid. Note: To use this feature, you must use the Smart Finder – entering a document number in the Finder is not supported.

    ·    The Find button on the Customer grid in the View Customer function is now enabled when a filter is applied. You can use the Finder and Smart Finder to search within the filtered grid.

    ·    The 64-bit version of Adagio GridView (if available) is launched from the Adagio menu and for Custom Views added to the Inquiries menu. The 64-bit version makes use of more memory (if available), allowing for views on larger databases and it can be faster. Note:  This is not yet supported on Adagio Cloud.

    ·    The Reference field increased to 24 characters for support of OE 9.3A.

    ·    In Standard Reports Print Options, the value entered as the Starting value is defaulted to the Ending Value.

    ·    The Edit Online Inquiry Template screen is now sizable.

    ·    Standard reports have been updated to increase the Customer Name length from 30 to 40 characters.

    ·    In View/Print statistics, the Calendar type is now remembered for the User. Calendar or Fiscal years.

    ·    In SalesAnalysis 9.2A (2018.05.19), an error was displayed by the Find on the customer grid with a filter applied when you entered a customer code less than 6 characters in length and pressed ENTER rather selecting the customer from the finder.

    General New Features

    ·    The Adagio Login dialog permits browsing to a UNC. The Create database button is hidden unless “/C” is included on the command line. New databases are created with the extension “ADB” or the extension used by existing modules in the selected Folder.

    ·    A “Backup” button has been added to the Adagio Toolbar. Backup Options select whether the button saves the module data, related data or the entire database and whether exclusive access is required for the backup to proceed. The backup now includes the Automation Batch Folder.

    ·    Backup options enable automatic or prompted backups prior to performing critical functions Retrieve Sales Data and Scan Sales Data. You can choose the number of these backups that will be saved.

    ·    Retrieve Sales Data from CounterSales™ respects the Backup options settings for Prompt and Always.

    ·    Refresh Sample Data function has been added to the Help menu. It allows you to refresh single and multi-currency sample data to its original state at install time.

    ·    It is easier to choose the correct field from tables with large numbers of fields in the Column Editor. You can now sort the list, restrict the list using the data type you are searching for (Text, Date, Amount and Value), and type in some text likely to identify the field. Use the Select the Type option on the Select Fields dialog to show fields of that type.

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