Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio Inventory 9.2A

May 12, 2018

    ·    Compatible with future release of Adagio Receivables 9.3A.

    ·    Corrected Finder problem for multi-segment item numbers with leading blanks.

    ·    Corrected behavior and messages in Enter/Edit Receipts when the vendor is left blank, related to the ‘Allow invalid vendors?’ option in the Company Profile. With the option enabled, the warning message “The vendor code is blank. Do you want to continue with the post?” is displayed. With option disabled, the message “Vendor number cannot be blank.” is displayed and posting is prevented.

    ·    Assembling a Master item having a component item with a residual negative total cost produced a negative Most Recent Cost (MRC). If the component item has a zero quantity and negative residual cost, and the user allows quantity to go to negative, the MRC of the component item is used. If the component item has a negative quantity, the MRC is used for assembly and determining the Master item MRC. Component items with a negative quantity but positive cost, or positive quantity but negative cost, should not be assembled.

    ·    In the Edit Bills of Materials grid, the Additional cost (Variable Assembly Cost) now displays to 4 decimals rather than rounding to 2 decimals.

    ·    The Smart Finder on the Alternate Item Number in the Edit Alternate Price List Items function did not find any items.

    ·    Changes made to the grid on the Purchase Orders tab in the IC Item with Sales and Costs inquiry with the Column Editor were lost when the Edit or View Vendor functions were used.

    ·    When the copy of an item was canceled, if you very quickly edited the original item, the new item number from the canceled copy was displayed instead of the original in some cases. If you saved the item, this resulted in data integrity errors.

    ·    Added a new option ‘Suppress items with zeroes in all selected periods?’ to the Sales History report. Use this option to reduce the number of pages in the report.

    ·    In Inventory 9.2A the Sales History report was significantly slower than in earlier versions. It is now much faster.

    ·    An error occurred when you printed and cleared the Assembly Audit List if you had just built items and the Assemble Master Items function was still open.

    ·    The Master Item Unit Cost value field position and format on the Bills of Material report has been adjusted to clarify that this value is not meant to be a subtotal of the unit costs.

    ·    The Report As Of date option for the Tax Tracking report did not work. All tax records were reported.

    ·    The Physical Inventory Worksheet report, when printed with Item Segment as the first sort, displayed an error and did not work.

    ·    It was possible to import items with a negative Most Recent Cost by mistake. This is now prevented.

    ·    The Save and Save As buttons in Import Bills of Material did not work when modifying a Bills of Material import template and the template could not be saved.

    ·    In the Import Bills of Materials function, the Variable Assembly Cost value for a defaulted field now displays to 4 decimals rather than 2 decimals.

    ·    Corrected problems converting very old databases.

    ·    Additional information is written to the application log (SDAPPLOG).

    ·    ExcelDirect from SmartFinder grids now sends the total of LIFO/FIFO buckets for the Quantity on Hand field.

    ·    For Adagio DocStore / ePrint users, the ‘Open PDF Document’ option in User Preferences did not work.

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