Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio JobCost 9.2A

October 20, 2017

    ·    Compatible with and required by future release of OrderEntry 9.3A. Although there is no interface between JobCost and OrderEntry, earlier releases of JobCost will not open when OrderEntry 9.3A data is present.

    ·    The GL Department Description is now available to be added to the GL Account finder with the Column Editor.

    ·    The finder on the GL Department field is now restricted to the departments for the account selected.

    ·    Added Email Setup function to support Direct email for Adagio Console users, allowing them to use Direct for the EmailPDFLog command in automation batches rather than MAPI, which requires operator input.

    ·    Added the Job Estimate Description field to the report work file so users with Crystal Reports can modify the Job Status report to print this description.

    ·    Installs an updated version of the AdagioPDF driver. The updated driver name is AdagioV2PDF and will appear in Windows Control Panel, Devices and Printers. When installs are performed from a Remote Desktop Services connection to Microsoft Server 2016 or from a Windows 10 station, the security warning related to the AdagioPDF printer driver no longer appears.

    ·    Dialogs are rendered properly on Ultra High Resolution displays when the font size is anything other than 100% of normal on Windows 8.1 or higher.

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