Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio PurchaseOrders 9.3A

August 21, 2017

    ·    Compatible with future release of Adagio DocStore.

    ·    Compatible with and required by future release of OrderEntry 9.3A.

    General New Features

    ·    The Adagio Login dialog permits browsing to a UNC. The Create database button is hidden unless “/C” is included on the command line. New databases are created with the extension “ADB” or the extension used by existing modules in the selected Folder.

    ·    A “Backup” button has been added to the Adagio Toolbar. Backup Options select whether the button saves the module data, related data or the entire database and whether exclusive access is required for the backup to proceed. The backup now includes the Automation Batch Folder.

    ·    Backup options enable automatic or prompted backups prior to performing any critical function such as batch posting or period end functions. You can choose the number of these backups that will be saved.

    ·    Only a single instance of Calculator will be launched when the Calculator button is clicked.

    ·    Messages are now centered on the main form, rather than on the main monitor.

    ·    User preferences have been added to control the behavior of double clicking in a Dialog field. You can also choose to apply banding to those grids that do not display Styles and choose a date format to use in the Adagio Grid. Telephone numbers are now formatted in the Grid according to the Company profile option.

    ·    Installs \Softrak\System\AdagioLauncher.EXE and associates the application with “ADB”, “SAM” and “AMC” extensions. AdagioLauncher will automatically launch the correct Adagio module if an Adagio file is double-clicked in a Folder. The user will be prompted to log in.

    ·    The finder on the GL Department field is now restricted to the departments for the account selected.

    ·    The GL Department Description is now available to be added to the GL Account finder with the Column Editor.

    ·    Installs an updated version of the AdagioPDF driver. The updated driver name is AdagioV2PDF and will appear in the Windows Control Panel, Devices and Printers. When installs are performed from a Remote Desktop Services connection to Microsoft Server 2016 or from a Windows 10 station, the security warning related to the AdagioPDF printer driver no longer appears.

    ·    Refresh Sample Data function has been added to the Help menu. It allows you to refresh single and multi-currency sample data (and sample data with Adagio JobCost if used) to its original state at install time.

    PurchaseOrders Features

    ·    Added Import and Export Event Budgets functions. Import allows you to overwrite existing Event Budgets.

    ·    When future version of Adagio DocStore is used (but not Adagio ePrint), a PDF copy of the Requisition is kept in DocStorage when the 'Archive Vendor PDF copy' is enabled.

    ·    A separate Vendor Item Number field has been added to the PO detail line record. In previous versions, it was written to the Description as a separate field was not available. It is still written to the Description to maintain compatibility with Adagio Developer Partner applications, as well as existing custom Crystal reports and GridView views.

    ·    Print the Outstanding Purchase Orders and Outstanding Receipt Invoice List reports to Excel using ExcelDirect. Added an ExcelDirect button and ExcelDirect Options button on the report dialogs. Transactions from the report are exported to Excel using the selected ranges, sorts and options (except subtotals and page breaks). The resulting spreadsheet may be more useful than the export produced using Crystal depending on your requirements. Select the new ‘Allow ExcelDirect Print’ option and related settings on the PDF/Excel Options tab in the Company Profile.

    ·    Added Invoice/Adjustment Clearing Account field to the Ledger Interface tab in the Company Profile. This account is used when there are adjustments to item cost from multiple vendors using different Vendor Document dates.

    ·    New fields Approval User, Date and Time are set when a Requisition is approved. These fields can be displayed on the POs/Receipts/Invoices/Requisitions grids and used in custom Crystal reports or GridView views.

    ·    Additional information is written to the application log (SDAPPLOG).

    ·    The finder on the GL Department field is now restricted to the departments for the account selected.

    ·    The GL Department Description is now available to be added to the GL Account finder with the Column Editor.

    Problems Fixed

    ·    When you added a vendor to a receipt, the Vendor document date used the session date not the Document Date, which could cause an incorrect exchange rate to be used.

    ·    When the ’Allow inventory levels to be below 0?’ setting is disabled in Adagio Inventory and a negative Quick Receipt will cause the Quantity On Hand to be negative, the warning “Insufficient stock. Negative receipt exceeds quantity available at this location.” is displayed when adding or editing the detail line.

    ·    The Receipt document number assigned when Auto Receipt Numbering is used skipped a number, if Receipt Numbers did not have a prefix segment and the same document code already existed as a purchase order.

    ·    In PurchaseOrders 9.2A or higher, when a PO or requisition was copied and then printed, it disappeared from the grid in some cases if a filter was used until you refreshed the grid.

    ·    With the Update Base Price on Entry option set to ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’ on the Integration tab in the Company Profile, when receipt for the item was posted the Prev Price Change Date in the item was not updated.

    ·    Fixes an issue where an adjusting invoice is processed against an invoice that has not yet been run through the day end process resulted in large amounts being posted to the Rounding account.

    ·    Improvements and corrections have been made to validation of G/L Account and Department in various functions. For Sundry Items and Miscellaneous Charges, department checking has been relaxed. The Department may be left blank. If it is not blank, the Account and Department combination must be valid.

    ·    The IC Item Inquiry functions in PurchaseOrders displayed the Discount Amount rounded to zero decimals for items with a discount on quantity purchased.

    ·    In PurchaseOrders 9.2A and higher, when you did an inquiry to related documents from the Data Flow, the existing documents displayed amounts without commas.

    ·    In view and inquiry functions, after visiting the View tab, if you switched to the Data Flow tab, the Next/Previous buttons did not work.

    ·    When you are in the middle of printing and/or consolidating/clearing the GL Transaction batch report, other users are prevented from retrieving the batch in Ledger until you complete the process.

    ·    When importing receipts, the address fields defaulted from vendor instead of from the import file.

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