Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio EFT 9.2B

November 8, 2016

    ·    Compatible with Adagio Payables 9.2B.

    ·    Multiple banks in Payables 9.2B can use EFT.

    ·    EFT functionality is automatically enabled in Adagio Cloud without having to install Adagio EFT.

    ·    Supports launching Telpay on local machine from Adagio Cloud.

    ·    Added EFT provider ATB Financial.

    Problems Fixed

    ·    Corrects an intermittent problem where the EFT add-on became lost on some systems and had to be reinstalled. The message “Error in serial number or install code (1), unable to continue. Reinstall the product and enter the serial number and install code from the download instructions email from Softrak Systems.” was displayed when Adagio Payables was started.

    ·    For vendors with unformatted addresses, you could not select an address line for Telpay EFT different than the address line selected on the EFT tab in the Company Profile.

    ·    The browse for the Payment folder path defaulted to looking for a program (EXE) file.

    ·    The browse for the Payment folder field required a file to exist and be selected to select a folder path.

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