Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio SalesAnalysis 9.2A

June 8, 2016

    ·    This release is Adagio Cloud ready.

    ·    SalesAnalysis will now retrieve the Price Level (Customer Discount Level A-E or blank) from the invoice header in OrderEntry. A future release of OE is required to support this. The Scan Sales Data function also populates this field (for documents that do not exist). It is available for use in GridView or custom reports from the SR Transaction Master table.

    ·    In SalesAnalysis 9.2A, when Security Groups were used, the Retrieve Sales Data menu choice was only active for user SYS, although the Retrieve button was active on the toolbar.

    ·    The Retrieve Data from OrderEntry function displayed an error and data could not be retrieved for SalesAnalysis databases created when OrderEntry 8.1D or higher was used.

    ·    The performance of the Standard Reports in 9.2A (where applicable) has improved when printed for a large number of transactions across a network.

    ·    Right-justified fields on Online Inquiry reports, such as numeric fields, could be truncated on the right if the Length for the field was set lower than the default.

    ·    Added the field ‘OE Order #’ to the Transactions __as92atrncrview’ table to allow custom Crystal reports to link to order header tables in OrderEntry.

    ·    In SalesAnalysis 9.2A, Online Inquiry reports and the Archived Transactions report may have displayed an error similar to “Cannot open file SRxxnnnnR.DAT. The system cannot find the file specified.” on systems with many Windows users (approximately more than 100).

    ·    If Adagio RMA is installed, the ‘Qty on RMA’ is now shown in the grid on the Transactions tab of the Inquiry with Sales and Costs function.

    ·    If you have PurchaseOrders 9.2B, the Item Inquiry with Sales and Cost function did not display the purchase order details correctly on the current or archived documents grids.

    ·    Additional comments on the Notes tab in View Customer did not refresh properly in when using Next/Previous.

    ·    In the Edit Data function when the grid was sorted by Document Number, there was an error when the smart finder was used.

    ·    Launching SalesAnalysis from the Adagio Toolbar in other modules launched another instance of SA when selected again rather than switching to the first instance.

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