Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio ODBC 9.2A

October 27, 2015

    ·    Added support for “wildcard” filenames, such as open batch files in Adagio Invoices, Payables, JobCost and Time&Billing. Adds a pseudo ‘_ALL_’ table for “wildcard” files and a pseudo field name such as ‘Batch_ID’ (batch number) as the first field in table.

    ·    Added Setup and Driver fields to the Adagio ODBC Setup screen in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. These fields show the path and filename to the Adagio ODBC driver (AdagioODBCV2.dll or AdagioODBCV264 for x64) that will be used for a new DSN (Setup) and used by an existing DSN (Driver). They should be the same in most cases. If they are not, this could indicate a problem.

    ·    Added '(x86)' or '(x64)' to the Adagio ODBC Setup screen title bar in the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

    ·    Pseudo ‘Link’ fields now show in tables at runtime for use in the Visual Linking Expert in Crystal Reports. A Link field is shown for each field defined as a link in the Adagio Data Source (ADS) dictionary, e.g. In G/L Account Master, GLACCT, GLDEPT, GLDIV, GLKEYFLD, etc. Crystal will automatically create links between these fields as they have the same name and properties. This may be useful to determine which fields need to be linked for custom reports. Links will still need to be adjusted manually in most cases.

    ·    Now allows a User DSN to work with either the x86 or x64 versions of the Driver. Existing User DSNs may need to be edited. A System DSN remains specific to x86 or x64. On Windows 8.1 and above, you see both but they can only be configured with the matching ODBC Data Source Administrator (x86 or x64). On older OS versions, you had to be careful to start the correct Data Source Administrator when creating or editing your DSN.

       ·    Support added for third-party OEM applications for Adagio Developer Partners.

    ·    Installs ODBC Connection String test utility that can be used to help troubleshoot connection problems. Installs OCSTest.exe and ConnectionTesterInfo.pdf in \Softrak\System.

    ·    A slight speed improvement was made to overall execution.

    ·    Updated splash screen and icon with new Adagio logo and colors.

    Problems Fixed

    ·    When printing custom reports from Crystal Reports to AdagioPDF, a message indicating an unlicensed copy of novaPDF is no longer printed at the bottom of the page.

    ·    Several minor corrections were made for this release.

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