Enhancements & Revisions

Adagio MultiCurrency 9.2A

November 21, 2014

    ·    Compatible with and required by version 9.2A and higher releases of Adagio. Downward compatible with earlier versions.

    ·    Compatible with Adagio xConsole.

    ·    Uses the current version of the Crystal Reports runtime engine to view and print reports, replacing the Crystal Reports 8.5 Print Engine (CRPE32.dll). Reports have been converted for Crystal Reports 2013 and can be modified with Crystal Reports 2011 or 2013. Custom reports created with Crystal Reports 2011 or 2013 can be added to the Reports menu by placing them in \Softrak\MultiCurrency\CustomReports.

    ·    The report viewer remembers the window size, position and zoom level. Print/Preview options, including Preview Zoom Factor and Preview Window State (Full screen / Partial screen) were removed from Workstation Options.

    ·    Installs the AdagioPDF printer driver. All reports and printouts from Adagio can be printed to the AdagioPDF printer to create a PDF document in the data folder.

    ·    Added User Preferences under the File menu. It allows you to set certain options by user that were previously global, including options previously found under File | Options, Reports | Report Options. You can set the color, add an image, and add text to the main screen of the program. Includes new options 'On Start-up', 'Alphabetically sorted field list' and 'Exclude Ranges'.

    ·    You can now start other Adagio modules from buttons on the toolbar. Buttons show the icon for the module. This option is enabled in User Preferences on the General tab. The buttons are selectable and movable in User Preferences and on the toolbar itself using drag and drop.

    ·    Added smart finder to Currency Codes and Rate Type fields on edit screens.

    ·    Grids and finders now show the lookup values instead of the raw data values for typed fields. For example Rate Operation shows: Multiply or Divide instead of M or D; and Date Matching shows Higher, Lower or Exact instead of H, L or E.

    ·    The Open Data screen can be sized horizontally to allow you to see the full data path. You can now use Alt-B to open the browse and Alt-F (for Favorites) to open the previously opened list. In previous versions you had to use the mouse to select the folder buttons.

    ·    Alt-X now selects the Excel Direct button on grids where it is available. In previous versions you had to use the mouse to select Excel Direct.

    ·    Adagio MultiCurrency 9.2A now installs to the \Softrak\MultiCurrency folder and the program name is MultiCurrency.exe. Previous versions were installed in \Softrak\MCWin and had program name MCWin.exe. The install still creates the old folder because Adagio programs with a release date prior to 2014 still check there to determine if Adagio MultiCurrency is installed and licensed before enabling their multi-currency functionality.

    Problems Fixed

    ·    Display of the warning message “That Foreign currency doesn't exist.” was not displayed consistently in the Edit Exchange Rates function

    ·    Backup to vitalEsafe did not work in version 8.1B.

    ·    The Edit User function could not be accessed even if it was enabled in a Security Group.

    ·    The Printer name, if long, was displayed on multiple lines instead of just one line on Report dialogs.

    ·    The copy number did not show in the window title when multiple copies of the program were open, for example “Adagio MultiCurrency (2)”.

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