Adagio TimeKeeper Change log

Adagio TimeKeeper
8.1B | 2009-12-31 (Dec '09)
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  • Time Keeper can now be run remotely on a laptop and your time submitted when you next connect to your LAN. The Submit Remote function submits time and disbursements entered remotely to the Time&Billing database on the LAN. The Remote Synch function updates copies of the Client (Customer), Docket (File), Source Code and Disbursement Code tables on the laptop. The Remote Synch function also updates licensing information on the laptop (note that Time&Billing must be registered and licensed on the LAN and a Remote Synch performed to license TimeKeeper on the laptop). You are required to have as many Adagio Lanpaks installed on the LAN as there will be remote laptops running TimeKeeper. This is in addition to the Lanpaks required to run all other Adagio modules multi-user. A Remote TimeKeeper install program must be run to install TimeKeeper on the laptop when it is connected to the LAN.

  • An option has bee added to allow timers to run concurrently. This may be useful if you work on 2 or more matters at the same time. Option is 'Allow multiple active timers'.

  • Added an option to keep memo text when timers are submitted. If you choose to "Reset timers", you can also say to "Keep text." Use this option if you use predefined timers with standard memo text and to not want to have to reenter the memo text after submitting.

  • Added an option to check the spread time on Submit All. The option is 'Warn if time is outside x hours, plus/minus y minutes'.

  • Added an option to check that the maximum time on an individual timer does not exceed a programmable amount. It is primarily for catching the mistake of wanting to give a timer 22 minutes, but accidentally typing, for instance, "22", which gives it 22 hours. Option is 'Warn if timer exceeds n hours, when saving a timer entry.

  • Timer buttons can now be arranged by drag and drop.

  • You can now transfer time from one timer to another by Alt-dragging the button. If you Alt-drag a button, a window pops up allowing you to select the amount of time to transfer from one button to another. The dragged button has its detailed time log displayed as a reference if you just want part of the time to be transferred.

  • The time text (second line) of the running timer is bolded to make the timer stand out more from other timers.

  • The total time for all timers is now shown on Submit All dialog. This allows reasonableness check of hours when you submit daily.

  • An option to ignore timers with less than x time when Submit All has been added. This is for situations where you accidentally start a new timer, or hit the wrong one, giving it 1 or 2 seconds of time. The option is 'Do not submit timers with less than n seconds'. If it is set to zero, only timers with time greater than zero are submitted.

  • An option has been added to warn you if a timer is submitted with blank memo text. The timer is opened during the submit to allow you to enter text. The option is 'Warn if no memo text'.

  • An option has been added to automatically put the timer button description text into the memo text if the memo is blank when you submit. The new option is 'Use Timer Name if no memo text'.

  • Once you have made the TimeKeeper window focused, if you hover your mouse over the "New Timer button", that is, the top, left-most button on the main form, it will now show the last button that was active, and when it was ended. In addition, the text of the last button to run will be in bold. This can be useful if you forgot to start a button and are not sure which timer was last active or when.

  • In the Edit timer dialog, a box has been added around the Delete and Submit buttons to clarify that these refer to the entire timer and not simply a log entry.

  • The position of the TimeKeeper window is now remembered independently for each workstation. Previously the TimeKeeper window could open outside the viewing area of the monitor for some users if other users had different screen resolutions or used multiple monitors.

  • Multiple monitors are now supported the position off the TimeKeeper window on the 2nd monitor is remembered (previously it repositioned to the right-most side of first monitor in some cases).

  • Date parameter /T to force the session date now accepted on launch of TimeKeeper.

  • Once you have made the TimeKeeper window focused, if you hover your mouse over the "Setup / Submit button", that is, the button third from the left on the main form, it will now show the version and revision date of the TimeKeeper program.

  • An error occurred when you deleted a timer button.

  • Date field has been added to the Edit Disbursements function.

  • Smart finder did not work on the Disbursement code when editing a timer.

  • When editing a timer, the tab sequence skipped the Docket field.