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Adagio ePrint
9.2A | 2015-09-19 (Sep '15)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Watermark text can be added to PDF documents from the List PDF Files screen in ePrint. The text, page range, angle of text, opacity, font and font size can be specified. The watermark text is appended to the PDF filename as the default when the document is saved.

    ·    Pages can be extracted from PDF documents from the List PDF Files screen in ePrint. A range of pages can be specified. Pages can be copied or moved (which removes them from the original document). The range is appended to the PDF filename as the default when the document is saved, for example: “ARCompanyProfile – Range [1-2].pdf”.

    ·    PDF documents can be searched from the List PDF Files screen in ePrint. You can search the content of the PDF and/or the Keywords (additional details about the document, such as Adagio User ID, Report Name, and Adagio Application that created the PDF).

    ·    A Rescan button has been added to the List PDF Files screen. In previous versions, the list was populated automatically when the function was selected, which could take several seconds or longer for sites with a large number of PDF files, depending on speed of their network. While rescan will still take this time, you can change the selection criteria without first waiting for the list to be refreshed.

    ·    You can set a default printer in the PDF Viewer by right-clicking the Printer button in the toolbar. In the previous version, the printer selection in the Print window defaulted to the last printer in your available printers list.

    ·    Added Adagio toolbar.

    ·    Adagio ePrint now logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView or custom reports.

    ·    The status bar at the bottom of the main window now shows activity of various steps when the program is starting up and the database is opening.

    ·    The all workstation install program (\SOFTRAK\ALLWKST\ALLWKST.EXE) now supports ePrint.

    ·    Updated splash screen with new Adagio logo and colors. Updated icon and toolbar button images.

    Problems Fixed

    ·    If Always on Top was enabled in the PDF Viewer, and the viewer window covered the middle of the screen, if you clicked the Print button to print the PDF, the Print dialog was underneath the PDF Viewer window. The Print dialog is now always on top, regardless of whether the PDF Viewer is always on top or not.

    ·    When you closed the List PDF Files screen in ePrint, the focus returned to a random window in some cases, rather than to the ePrint window. The PDF Viewer is now used instead of viewing within List PDF Files function itself and the focus always returns to ePrint.

    ·    If you printed a document or report to PDF with ePrint in an Adagio module, then while you or another user viewed that PDF in ePrint, the Adagio PDF Viewer or other PDF viewer, you attempted to print to the same PDF file name, an error message was displayed. However, the module hung after closing the message.

    ·    Double-clicking a PDF file on the List PDF Files screen opened the PDF in both the Adagio PDF Viewer and your default PDF Viewer program. A single click was sufficient and had no problem.

    ·    If you chose Reset Windows from the Window menu, a confirmation dialog with no text was displayed.

    ·    Using Ctrl-mouse scroll to zoom the PDF image in the PDF Viewer caused the program to hang in earlier versions of the PDF Viewer.

    ·    Viewing certain PDF files that were created by sources other than Adagio ePrint (using the AdagioPDF driver) or PDFs created by Adagio and then appended with scanned documents from another source, caused the Adagio PDF Viewer to crash in some cases. This has been prevented. However, the Viewer may not show these PDFs correctly. This will be corrected in a future release. In the interim, the document can be open from your default PDF viewer by clicking the lower leftmost button on the Adagio PDF Viewer.

Adagio ePrint
9.0A | 2015-03-26 (Mar '15)
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Release Notes
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       Compatible with Payables 9.2A.

       Added support these ePrint codes:
    %cmp - Company name from the Company Profile
    %cno – Company number from Company Profile
    %ext – Data extension

Adagio ePrint
9.0A | 2011-09-22 (Sep '11)
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Release Notes
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    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio ePrint 9.0A (2011.09.22)

       Initial release of Adagio ePrint.