Adagio CatchWeights Change log

Adagio CatchWeights
9.3A | 2017-12-07 (Dec '17)
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Release Notes
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    ·    Initial release of Adagio CatchWeights add-on module for Adagio OrderEntry, Inventory, SalesAnalysis and SalesCQ.

    ·    OrderEntry and Inventory are required. SalesAnalysis and SalesCQ are optional.

    ·    Allows companies to sell products that are shipped in different units than the sales order. For example, food distribution companies can take orders in cases and ship in kilograms.

    Features added to Adagio Inventory

    ·    Added new option 'Alternate Shipping Unit' to Edit Item screen, Units tab, Units of Measure section. When the option is selected, new fields Warn Variance, Shipped and Shipped Base are displayed for each Alternate Unit. These new fields also display in the Item Inquiry function, on the Units/Pricing tab. 

    ·    If the 'Alternate Shipping Unit' option is selected, the option 'Price by actual quantity' appears. Set this option if you want to show the Actual Quantity Shipped in the Actual Shipped Units on the invoice but still price by the Alternate Units. The Bill-of-Material section moves from the Units tab to the Pricing tab when the option is selected.

    Features added to Adagio OrderEntry

    ·    Actual Quantity Shipped field added to Edit Detail screen and also the View Details screen in history. The new field is visible only for items with 'Alternate Shipping Unit' set. Enter the Actual Quantity Shipped in the Base Units. For example, enter the actual quantity in kilograms for an order placed in cases.

    Features added to Adagio SalesAnalysis

    ·    The Retrieve and Scan OrderEntry functions in Adagio SalesAnalysis use the Actual Quantity Shipped.

    Features added to Adagio SalesCQ

    ·    Actual Quantity Shipped field added to OrderEntry current and history inquiries.