New features by version in Adagio BankRec

Adagio BankRec 9.3A 2023-02-20 (Feb. 20, 23)

    • Crystal Reports used in printing Adagio Reports was not fully compatible with the Windows 22H2 update for Windows 11 and for Windows 10, in some cases.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.2A | 2018-12-16 (Dec. 16, 18)

    ·    Compatible with future release of Adagio Payables 9.2A.

    ·    The Deposit Date for Deposit-Only batches is used in GL transactions, allowing easier reconciliation from Ledger to BankRec.

    ·    The Deposit Date for Deposit-Only batches is automatically updated to the latest date when you edit an existing batch, retrieve and append a batch, and when importing batches.

    ·    For multi-currency databases, foreign currency banks can have a different Rate Type for deposits and payments.

    ·    Fully compatible with the new feature in the Ledger 9.2A Retrieve Subledger Batches function, allowing separation of subledger batches on retrieve by Posting Sequence or Batch Number.

    ·    Supports new ‘Batch by entry’ option in Payment Methods in future 9.2A version of Receivables when receipts are retrieved, creating a new deposit batch for each receipt.

    ·    Reports have been converted to Crystal Reports 2013, greatly improving the export to Excel.

    ·    Adagio module toolbar allows one click launch of an Adagio module.

    ·    Grids may be \\\"banded\\\" with a User Selectable color and banding frequency. Banding may be chosen to replace Grid Styles by user.

    ·    Edit grids display the total number of records, as well as a count of the displayed records when a Filter is active.

    ·    Account Filters can now be displayed in Style Priority sequence.

    ·    Adagio BankRec now logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView.