New features by version in Adagio Financial Reporter

Adagio Financial Reporter (9.3) 2018-09-12 (Sep. 12, 18)


    ·    ExcelDirect hyperlinks to the DocStorage Folder are generated when sending transactions to Excel that include the "Doc Link" column. This allows you to see the source documents from the Excel spreadsheet. Right Mouse Button on the "Doc Link" column in transaction drilldown offers to "Copy Files". Clicking "Paste" in a Folder will result in the attached documents being copied into the Folder.

    ·    Send and entire Workbook to Excel by holding down the Shift key while clicking the ExcelDirect button.

    ·    Sort a section of a financial statement into alphabetical (or some other) order using the SmartSheet commands “.Sort”, “.SortCase” and “.SortEnd”.

    ·    New SmartSheet commands, “.RangeAccountDept” and “.RangeAccountByDept” have been added that expands wildcard and department ranges differently from “.Range”. “.RangeAccountDept” creates a row for every account in a range, for every department specified in the Toolbar in account sequence. “.RangeAccountByDept” produces the same list, but sorted by department.

    ·    The “.Verify” Smartsheet command now lists all account-department pairs not referenced in the section. Use this validation command in circumstances where specific account-department pairs are hard coded on a financial statement.

    ·    When setting up a Statement Group with a Custom Range, you can now suppress the summary sheet which used to print after all the ranges.

    ·    It is now easier to locate "Cycle!" and "Error!" values.

    ·    View | Customize | Settings (Tx Details) now only shows the actual selected columns, and has a"Restore to defaults" choice to quickly revert to the default columns display.