New features by version in Adagio BoM

Adagio BoM 9.3A 2017-12-05 (Dec. 5, 17)

    ·    Compatible with OrderEntry 9.3A.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.2A | 2015-04-29 (Apr. 29, 15)

    ·    Compatible with Adagio Inventory 9.2A and future release of OrderEntry 9.2A.

Version 8.1F | 2014-03-31 (Mar. 31, 14)
8.1F release notes
 - Whats new in version 8.1F! Video demonstration of 8.1F

    New Features in Adagio BoM 8.1F (2014.03.31)

       Compatible with Adagio Inventory 8.1E.

       Assemble items from component items in multiple different Locations.

       Automatically assemble master items when shipments are posted or imported (typically from Adagio Invoices).

       Optionally use the Assembly Cost Credit Account from the item's Account Set when un-build master items.