New features by version in Adagio Receivables

Adagio Receivables 9.2A 2017-07-11 (Jul. 11, 17)

9.2A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.2A! What's new in Adagio Receivables 9.2A

    ·    Adagio toolbar for one click launch of other modules. “Banded” grids and record count on customer grids.

    ·    Edit Description and Reference on posted transactions.

    ·    Create separate deposit batch in BankRec by Payment Method for EFT receipts.

    ·    Customer option to default printing of receipts in BankRec.

    ·    Added an option to the Transactions tab to sort customer transactions by Date or by Type/Doc No. for current, history or both.

    ·    Customer option to require a purchase order number to be entered in Adagio Invoices and OrderEntry.

    ·    Recover posted batches, print Batch Listings (open and posted) and Posting Journals from the Batch Inquiry.

    ·    Edit customer name for miscellaneous cash receipts for flow through to BankRec and Ledger.

    ·    Improvements in batch entry including Payment Total and Total Applied displayed, Distribution field hidden to speed entry and additional checks and warnings.

    ·    Credit notes auto-attached to statements.

    ·    Summarized Customer Transactions report showing one line of transaction totals per customer.

    ·    General Ledger Distribution Summary on batch listings.

    ·    Currency Summary on Cash Receipt batch listing.

    ·    Adagio Receivables standard reports are now created using Crystal Reports 2013.

    ·    Data Integrity Check saves results for the last 9 previous runs.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.3A | 2018-11-09 (Nov. 9, 18)
9.3A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.3A! Video demonstration of 9.3A

    ·    Compatible with Adagio DocStore.

    ·    Supports Online Credit Card Payment Processing with new add-on module Adagio Payments 9.3A.

    ·    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

    ·    Added support for “one-time” or “cash” customers.

    ·    Find on filtered Customer grids to search within the filtered result.

    ·    Payments can now be taken on credit notes for refunds.

    ·    'Auto-Generate' the Check Number field in posting speeds entry and avoids duplicate document numbers on cash transactions.

    ·    Added new field PO Reference in batches for customers who pay by PO number. The field posts to the Transaction file and is available for viewing and on statements.

    ·    Send/print statements to multiple Send Methods (Printer, PDF, email) simultaneously.

    ·    Option to attach only outstanding invoices (past their Due Date) to statements.

    ·    Option to attach only invoices >= n days overdue to statements.

    ·    Option to age transactions by Document Date or Due Date on statements.

    ·    Print Overdue Receivables, Aged Trial Balance, and Customer Transactions reports to Excel using ExcelDirect.

    ·    It is easier to find a field in the Column Editor. Sort the list, restrict the list by data type, and type in some text likely to identify the field.

Version 9.1A | 2014-07-23 (Jul. 23, 14)
9.1A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.1A! Video demonstration of 9.1A

    New Features

       Adagio ePrint users can view a PDF of invoices from the transactions grid in the Customer.

       Adagio ePrint users can attach unpaid invoices when emailing, faxing or printing statements.

       Attach a PDF document when sending statements or letters, such as a promotional offer or product literature.

       Added Specific Due Date terms.

       Added Tax Group and Tax Status to the customer defaults in the Company Profile.

       Supports the Auto-fill GL account and department options in Ledger 9.1A. Supports Uppercase and Auto-fill Vendor options in the 'Payables vendor' field on the Accounting tab in the customer.

       Added the option 'Allow deletion of customers with history?' on the System Options tab in the Company Profile.

       The Help | About function now has a Consultant tab showing the contact information for your Adagio consultant.