New features by version in Adagio Console

Adagio Console 9.2B 2017-03-23 (Mar. 23, 17)

    ·    Adagio Console and Adagio XConsole have been updated for Adagio Cloud.

    ·    Improvements to email of automation batch logs, including multiple recipients, support for secure email servers and encrypted authentication passwords.

    ·    XConsole show full Application Name not just App Prefix.

    ·    XConsole can automatically shut down Adagio applications when a station goes to sleep or hibernates.

    ·    Adagio applications opening data on UNC paths is now fully supported by XConsole.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.2A | 2015-10-13 (Oct. 13, 15)

    ·    View user activity logs from Adagio 9.2A modules with View Application Log function, selecting by transactions by date,
         modules and Adagio users.

    ·    Adagio Console now logs user activity.

    ·    Added the Application Name to Active User grid for uncommon Application Prefixes, such as QI (Adagio Invoices) and IR

    ·    Support added for FX-based automation commands in Console batches.

    ·    Support added for Adagio ePrint to Copy Definitions, Clone User and Delete user.

Version 9.1A | 2013-11-15 (Nov. 15, 13)
9.1A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.1A! Video demonstration of 9.1A

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio Console 9.1A (2013.11.15)

       Initial Release of Adagio Console