New features by version in Adagio ODBC

Adagio ODBC 9.2A 2015-10-27 (Oct. 27, 15)

    ·    Supports “wildcard” filenames, such as open batch files in Adagio Invoices, Payables, JobCost and Time&Billing, for use by Crystal Reports®.

    ·    Added Driver path fields to the Adagio ODBC Setup screen in the ODBC Data Source Administrator to clarify which driver is in use.

    ·    Pseudo ‘Link’ fields now show in tables at runtime for use in the Visual Linking Expert in Crystal Reports.

    ·    Now allows a User DSN to work with either the x86 or x64 versions of the Driver.

    ·    Installs ODBC Connection String test utility that can be used to help troubleshoot connection problems.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.1A | 2014-09-22 (Sep. 22, 14)

       Includes 64-bit version for use by 64-bit applications.

       Connects Adagio data sources from Microsoft SQL Server.

       The install supports UNC and writes to the master install log file.

       Installs an updated Data Dictionary Exporter.